Difference Between Knitting and Crochet

Main difference

Many people take both types of craft knitting and crocheting for the same purpose. There are many similarities in knitting and crocheting, but the fact is that there are also differences that produce different results. When knitting, the stitches form a “V” shape, while crochet is more like knots.

What is weaving?

Weaving is a sewing method in which thread is used to create a fabric or textile. Create multiple loops of yarn, called stitches, in a line or tube. You have multiple active stitches on the needle at the same time. Knitted fabric consists of several consecutive rows of interlocking loops. As the reach row unfolds, a newly created loop is pulled through one or more loops of the previous row, placed on the winning needle and loops of the previous row, and then pulled off the other needle. . It can be made by hand or with special knitting machines. The different types of yarns include fiber type, texture and twist, needle sizes, and stitch types that can be used to achieve knits with various properties such as color, texture, weight, heat retention, water resistance and integrity.

What is crochet?

Crochet is a type of sewing weaving through interlocking loops of thread, yarn, or supports of other materials using a crochet hook. The word crochet means “small hook.” These are made of materials such as metal, wood or plastic. According to the 1840s states: “Crochet, a kind of weaving originally practiced by peasants in Scotland, with a small hook-needle called a shepherd’s hook, aided by taste and fashion, has, in recent times, obtained seven years, preference over all other ornamental works of a similar nature. It derives its current name from French; the instrument with which they work is called ‘crochet’ because of its crooked shape. This art has reached its highest degree of perfection in England, whence it has been transplanted to France and Germany,

Key differences

  1. In crochet, each stitch is completed before moving on to the next. When knitting, keep several stitches open at the same time.
  2. Crocheting requires thirty percent more yarn than knitting.
  3. Crochet uses a hook instead of two needles like knitting.
  4. Crocheting is faster than knitting.
  5. Crocheting is easier than knitting as it uses a hook with a loop of yarn.
  6. Making designer products is very easy in crochet compared to knitting.
  7. Knitting is difficult and complex, but it contains more design patterns than crochet.
  8. When knitting, the stitches form a “V” shape, while crochet is more like knots.

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