Difference Between Knight and Samurai

Main difference

Knight and Samurai are very good warriors. Knights were placed in Europe and samurai in Japan. They all rode horses into battle and fought in true spirit for the consideration and dignity of their nation. The armor between knights and samurai was completely different. Knights wore armor made of metal hyperlinks and used swords and shields in battle. On the alternative side, samurai wore armor made of leather or steel tied together with silk cords. They also wore helmets. Samurai also used swords, however, they used bows and arrows. A samurai’s code of honor was The Code of Bushido. A samurai had to have loyalty and was devoting himself to duty. A knight’s code of honor was The Code of Chivalry. The Knights wanted to swear to be trustworthy to the king and provide mercy to people who ask for it. Samurai performs “Kendo” while Knight performs “Joust”. Samurai generally use ranged weapon strategies, while knights offer to assess the path of their enemies.


A knight is a person who receives an honorary title of chivalry.by a completely different monarch or political leader in the service of the monarch or nation, significantly in a military role. The knights had been good warriors. Furthermore, they had been refined very successfully and had very good manners. They had been successfully educated and upgraded. They fought for the consideration and dignity of their nation. Knights observe the rule generally known as chivalry. Knights tend to value in small groups and appear fierce to unnerve their enemies. Armor of Knights was made from metal hyperlinks and they used swords and shields in a fight. They used to cover every inch of the body with metal masks throughout the fight.


The phrase Samurai means “one who serves”. Samurai is a member of a strong military caste in feudal Japan. Samurai warriors have no rank. The samurai follow a strict code of conduct known as “bushido”. Bushido means “Way of the Warrior”. Or it could be recognized that Bushido had a religious position for them. They had been successfully educated and upgraded. They fought for the consideration and dignity of their nation. Samurai does Kendo and participates in tournaments. Samurai generally tend to use weapon range strategies. When they are close to their enemies they use a sword and when they are far away they use bows and arrows. The samurai wield their sword very successfully, as their sword is their life and their honor. They used to carry two swords throughout the fight, a katana and a shorter blade.

Key differences

  1. The knights and samurai had all been successful educated good warriors.
  2. The Knights had settled in Europe while the Samurai in Japan.
  3. Knights observe the “Chivalry” rule while samurai observe “Bushido”.
  4. Samurai donned armor made of leather or steel laced with silk cords, while Knight armor was made with metallic hyperlinks.
  5. Both Samurai and Knight start their teaching from childhood.
  6. If a Samurai father was a Samurai, he also has to become a Samurai.
  7. If a Knight father was a Knight, it was elective for him to become a Knight.
  8. A Knight has a military rank, while a Samurai does not.
  9. Samurai performs “Kendo” while Knight performs “Joust”.
  10. Samurai generally tend to use weapon range strategies, while knights tend to value the path of their enemies.
  11. Samurai looked more terrifying looking at the Knights.
  12. Samurai wore more leather than steel compared to that of the Knights.
  13. Both Knights and Samurai had completely different weapons from each other.

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