Difference Between Juice and Nectar

Juice and nectar are two drinks that come from fruits, both have the nutrients of the fruit and are an essential food in the human diet, since fruits are an unequivocal source of fiber, vitamins and minerals. great importance to maintain a proper diet and consequently a healthy lifestyle.

Despite the above, to obtain the juice and nectar from the fruits, different procedures must be carried out, which means that both drinks differ from each other in terms of their flavor and consistency. That is why, in this article, we will show the differences between juice and nectar so that readers can learn about them and know how to choose the option that they like the most.


The juice is the liquid that is obtained from the fruits by squeezing them, either by the traditional method with the hands or with some implement designed for this purpose. In most cases, the juice that is extracted from the fruit must be strained to prevent waste or fruit juice from passing through, which would cause some settling in the container or container. However, some fruits release only liquid when squeezed or squeezed.

In the case of juices from industrialized procedures, these are made with specialized machinery that compresses the fruit to obtain the maximum amount of juice. Likewise, they go through a filtering process and some preservative substances such as sugars and others of the same nature are added, in order to preserve the durability of the product.

Finally, the juice usually contains the same nutrients as the fruit in good proportion, that is, it contains vital nutrients such as potassium, folate (folic acid), vitamins, minerals and fiber, which contribute to maintaining a healthy and balanced diet and in result in good health.


We can say that nectar is the drink that is obtained from crushed or liquefied fruit and diluted in water. In turn, sweeteners are added and therefore, it is a combination of juices, water and some sweetener. It usually contains very small pieces of the fruit, which gives it a thick consistency that usually settles at the bottom of the container where it is packed.

To make nectar, the fruit is cut into medium-sized pieces and processed in domestic blenders, shakers or juicers, followed by blending to remove the larger remains of the fruit. In the case of industrialized fruit nectars, the process of obtaining the drink is similar to the domestic process but in larger quantities and with more specialized machinery, but artificial preservatives, thickeners, colorings and flavors are added, so that its consumption does not It is recommended for all people.

It is worth adding that the nectar retains a certain part of the nutrients of the fruit but due to the added components, it tends to lose nutritional value.

According to what was previously stated, the following differences between juice and nectar can be evidenced:

  • The juice is the drink that is obtained from the fruit by extracting or compressing it in a homemade or industrial way, while the nectar is the drink that combines juices, water and some sweetener.
  • The juice has a higher nutritional value, since it preserves the nutrients of the fruit while the nectar loses certain nutritional value, since it usually has various added components.
  • The juice does not contain flavorings or thickeners, although it may contain sweeteners, while the nectar usually contains flavorings and thickeners.
  • Juice does not necessarily have added water while nectar necessarily has added water.

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