Difference Between Judo and Karate

As you can imagine, there are different martial arts in the world, many of them originated in Asia and today they are practiced by millions of people around the world. In the same way, perhaps for many, Judo and Karate could simply be techniques for a person’s self-defense, however, there are differences between these two martial arts, in this article, we will show them.


We can say that judo is a martial art that is based on the idea of ​​defeating the opponent with minimal effort. In this way, the movements of this art seek to take advantage of the opponent’s energy instead of opposing it. Judo was created by Vigoro Mano in Japan in 1882 and is one of the most widely practiced styles in the world today.

Judo is based on a modification of jiu-jitsu and other arts. Generally, it seeks to use the opponent’s strength against him, through the use of movements and techniques to destabilize and defeat him. It is common to find actions that stand out in Judo such as throwing the enemy, throwing him to the ground, jumping, rolling, etc. However, in learning the use of blows, disarms, resuscitation methods, among others, is not left aside, so it is very suitable for police officers, military, security officials, among many others.


Karate is a martial art, which means -empty hand-, that is, it is based on unarmed combat and therefore, it is based on blows using the hands, feet or even the elbows. Karate was created by Solon Masamuda in Japan.

The idea of ​​karate is to elevate the spirit of the practitioner and empower him -from the inside-, as well as help him to have the knowledge to improve the use of his own energy. It also instructs the practitioner in a way that he can face the challenges of everyday life in a better way, that is, prepares himself for daily life, basing values ​​such as respect and morality.

Difference Between Judo and Karate

Judo Karate
Judo is a martial art that is based on taking advantage of the opponent’s energy to defeat him. Karate is a martial art that contemplates defeating the opponent in unarmed combat, using technique and force.
In judo, a large part of the techniques are based on keys and movements to unbalance and knock down the opponent. In Karate, damage is inflicted on the opponent through the use of the hands, feet and elbows.
The clothing that is used in the Dojo by the Judists is called Judogi. The clothing used in the Dojo by Karatekas is called Karategi.
It is more than an art focused on defense and is of a lot of physical contact, so the distances between the opponent are smaller. Since karate is an art based on attack and hitting, the distances between the opponent are greater.
In a Judo match, the regulation fighting time is 5 minutes for men and 4 minutes for women. In a Karate match, the statutory duration of a fight is 3 minutes for men and 2 minutes for women.
It has approximately 16 million practitioners worldwide. Karate has about 50 million practitioners around the world.
Judo has been present in the Olympic Games since 1964. Karate is expected to have a presence at the Olympics starting in 2020.

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