What is the difference between Jewel and jewelry?

Jewels and jewelry are similar words that have no difference between them. Jewel is a much more common term than jewel, leaving this reserved for literature or journalism when you want to use it correctly.


This is an ornamental object for the body, they are usually made with precious stones and metals, although they can be made with less valuable materials. Any material can be used to make jewelry. The term comes from the old French “joie” which means joy and happiness, in turn, this term comes from the Latin “iocus” which means joke or lack of seriousness.

Items known as jewelry include necklaces, bracelets, rings, hair ornaments, and earrings. A piece of jewelry can be more than an ornament for some people, it can express their personality and allow you to reflect on them.

A person can change their appearance by changing their hair color, makeup, and jewelry. In all its forms, jewelry is worn by people of both sexes, in a large part of human cultures and on all continents.


It is a word that comes from Arabic and is made up of two different words in this language:

  • The prefix “al-” meaning “the” or “the”.
  • The noun “hagah” whose meaning is “need”.

This word was used to define objects of great value or that are essential. They are ornamental accessories that a person uses to adorn their body such as rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and bangles.

They are made of different materials, the most expensive are made with precious stones and metals such as gold, platinum and silver. They are also a store of value. Most people keep the family jewels and sell them when they need money or when the price of precious stones and metals rises.

Difference between jewelry and jewelry

They are similar terms and the only difference is in their etymology. Jewels comes from French and Latin and jewelry from Arabic.

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