Difference Between Jeans and Chinos

Main difference

The main difference between jeans and chinos is that jeans are made of heavy twill (tightly woven) fabric, while chino pants are made of lighter twill fabric.

Jeans vs Chinos

Jeans are pants made from denim, while chinos are made from thick (hard and rough) twill cotton. Jeans are commonly worn for everyday and casual wear, but chino pants are mostly uniform pants worn formally. Jeans are usually blue; on the other hand, Chinos are brown or khaki.

Jeans were first designed by Levi Strauss to be worn formally. Chinese cloth first created in China; At first, it was used by the military, but later civilians also started using it. Jeans are feasible to wear because jeans are made from heavy twill fabric while chinos are less feasible compared to jeans. Jeans are less likely to rip and wear than chinos. Jeans are easy to wear as they don’t need to be washed or ironed, and chinos are less comfortable and less easy to wear compared to jeans.

The original color of the Jeans is dark blue, but now they are available in many colors. Also, the original color of the Chinese is khaki, but today they come in various shades. Jeans are more popular and more used in almost all parts of the world. This is because jeans are more durable, stretchy, and can be easily worn without washing or ironing, while chinos are less popular than jeans.

Comparison chart

Jeans Chinese
Jeans made of thick twill fabric. Chino pants are made from a lighter twill fabric.
Originally blue. Originally khaki or brown.
Usually used for casual wear It is used for uniforms, that is, formal wear.
Jeans made of mixed material. Chinos made of 100% pure cotton.
First introduced by Levi Strauss First introduced in China for military use
They are more durable as they are made from heavy twill fabric. They are less durable as they are pure cotton pants.
More elastic and comfortable to wear. Less elastic compared to jeans.
They are most popular all over the world. They are less popular compared to jeans.
other shades
black, gray, brown blue, red and green

What is Jeans?

Jeans refer to a type of pants made from denim. The term ‘jeans’ generally refers to ‘blue jeans’. Before the creation of jeans by Levi Strauss, the term ‘blue jeans’ was used to refer to garments such as coats, overalls and pants, etc.

Jeans originally designed for cowboys, workers, and miners, but later, teenagers began to wear jeans as fashion. Today, jeans are in fashion all over the world, especially in Western culture. Looking at the origin of jeans, it was seen that the origin of jeans is from the cities of Italy since it was marketed to various countries. In the 17th century , jeans were the clothing for the working class in Italy.

Later, Levi Strauss made changes to the material and made it fashionable and stylish. There were two pockets in the front and one in the back with copper clasps. This style was quite different from what the working class wore.

Most jeans are of three types, ie wide leg, low rise, or skinny. The word ‘jean’ is modernized from the French word ‘jean fustian’. But the plural form of the word, ie “jeans”, was first used by Levi Strauss when he designed comfortable and durable work pants for workers.

Many jeans are made from denim, which is a thick, Z-twist twill cotton fabric. It is mainly used for jeans, leisure wear, and overalls, which is derived from French.

What are the Chinese?

Chino is a fabric made from pure cotton. It was developed in the mid 19th century for British and French military uniforms. Chinese fabric made to be durable and comfortable for easy wear by soldiers. In the second half of the 1880s, the British and American armies began to use Chinos as uniforms. The original color of Chinos is khaki, but nowadays Chinos are made in various shades.

This fabric originally made in China was called (Chinese pants) but later, this term was shortened to ‘Chinese’ in English. Chinos used for formal wear with a formal shirt, blazer and tie. Chinos exist both in the form of pants and trousers.

Chinos are light and elastic. They contract as they move down the leg. They are flat from the front. Chinos were originally a pale cream color, but today they come in various shades. This variety makes them attractive to use as it does not create uniformity.

Chinos are usually tight. They need proper washing and ironing, but they don’t need to be pleated like pants. Chinese sewing is unique; its seams are completely hidden, as are the pockets. Pockets are also very few. Chinos are very stylish pants.

Chinos are worn in different combinations with blue, black and white colored shirts. They are a kind of very resistant casual pants. Nowadays Chinese come in a variety of colors like green, red and blue etc.

Key differences

  1. Jeans are originally blue, while chinos are khaki or brown.
  2. Jeans are not 100% cotton; on the other hand, Chinos made of pure cotton.
  3. Jeans are generally worn for casual wear, but chinos are worn for formal wear.
  4. Jeans do not need daily washing and ironing; on the contrary, the Chinese need to be washed and ironed.
  5. Jeans are more stretchy compared to chinos.
  6. Jeans are more popular all over the world and Chinos are less popular as compared to jeans.
  7. Jeans come in different shades like gray, brown, and black; On the other hand, Chinos come in shades like blue, green, and red.
  8. Jeans are more durable, while chinos are less durable.

Final Thought

Jeans and chinos are both pants; they differ in terms of cloth (stuff). Jeans are mostly worn casually, while chinos are mostly worn formally.

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