Difference between Japanese and Chinese

It is not easy for many people to distinguish between Japanese and Chinese, especially since Asian people such as Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Cambodians and Vietnamese have many physical similarities in complexion, hair type and eye shape.

The fundamental difference lies not only in the country of origin but also can be distinguished in attention to other factors, which will be pointed out in this article in order to present the most notable differences that exist between Japanese and Chinese.


The Japanese are the original people of Japan (Asian country) and they are also an ethnic group also called Nippon that amounts to approximately 130 million inhabitants, of which around 127 million reside in Japan, their country of origin. The language spoken by the Japanese is Japanese, with some variants such as the Okinawan language, originally from the Okinawa region.

The most notable physical characteristics of the Japanese are very fine straight black hair, very light yellowish skin with little hair, short to medium height, elongated dark eyes without creases in the upper eyelids and without curvature, the lips are usually thin and elongated and the nose is usually very thin and they tend to have an oval face.

The Japanese are also characterized by having a rich culture and social organization, they are very even-tempered people with a broad general culture who value education and learning as a tool for improvement.


The Chinese are people from China (Asian country), they are a very large ethnic group that amounts to 1,500 million descendants of which 1,300 million reside in China, their country of origin. In China, some languages ​​are spoken that are grouped as the Chinese language, but the most common languages ​​are Mandarin, Shanghainese, Cantonese, and Tibetan.

Despite being a very rich ethnic group, made up of approximately 55 different ethnic groups, in general terms it can be said that the most notable physical characteristics of the Chinese are straight, black and thick hair, yellowish skin with scant hairiness, height medium, elongated dark eyes with a slight curvature and the outer tip upwards, the lips are usually thick, especially the lower lip. Likewise, the nose of the Chinese is usually flat but rounded at the tip, the face is usually rounded.

Finally, the Chinese are characterized by being skilled and very disciplined, they are very conservative and oriented to a high level of performance in any of the activities they carry out.

Considering what has been presented, it can be said that the differences between Japanese and Chinese are very few, since they belong to the same race or ethnic group (Asian or Mongoloid), hence the physical differences are minimal. However, the most notable differences are due to the culture of the country they come from, so, in summary, it can be said that:

  • The Japanese originate from the State of Japan and the Chinese originate from the People’s Republic of China.
  • The Japanese have somewhat finer physical features than the Chinese.
  • The Japanese are very organized and the Chinese are very disciplined.
  • The Japanese are a smaller ethnic group than the Chinese.

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