Differences between iPad and Tablet

Nowadays, in a globalized world where technological advances are increasing, companies that develop computer equipment compete daily to design and market innovative electronic devices with the purpose of facilitating the work that people commonly carry out in relation to computing.

That is why iPad and tablets have been created, devices that arise to respond to people’s communication and office needs by synchronizing endless possibilities in a single device. In this sense, both devices are portable computers that have a touch screen, in order to dispense with the keyboard and mouse and, consequently, they are easier to transport due to their size and lightness. Thus, below we present the differences that we can find between an iPad and a tablet.


Quite simply, iPad is a line of tablets designed and marketed by the company Apple Inc., where the first generation was announced on January 27, 2010 and from then on various versions have been marketed such as the iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4 , iPad Air, iPad Mini, among others. It should be added that, as the first device of its kind for commercial use, it has been considered a different device from tablets and therefore it retains its name (iPad).

Among the distinctive features of the iPad, in any of its versions, is the iOS operating system, which is the company’s operating system that was originally developed for the iPhone and later extended to other devices. Among some other advantages of the iPad are its ease of use, its easy transportation due to its size and weight, which varies depending on the model, and finally, the easy manipulation of images, games and other applications thanks to its touch screen.

On the other hand, the dimensions of the iPad, as well as its weight, colors and manufacturing materials vary according to the model and in short, they can mostly be used for educational purposes (research, writing, reviews.), work ( design, write, edit photos, videos, music, record) or recreational (social networks, music applications, photo, video, among others).


Briefly, tablets or tablets in Spanish are laptops that have a screen and lack a keyboard and mouse, so their use is completely tactile in most cases. Subsequently, these are developed and marketed by countless companies worldwide, dedicated to the manufacture and design of technological equipment, including Samsung, Lenovo, HP and Microsoft, among others.

Basically, tablets mostly have the Android operating system and in less cases, they use the webOS, Windows and Chrome OS operating systems. Among the advantages of tablets we can highlight their ease of use, easy transportation due to their size and weight, depending on the model and manufacturer.

To conclude, from the above we can highlight the following differences between an iPad and a tablet:

  • The operating system of the iPad is iOS developed by the Apple company while the operating system of most tablets is Android, and can vary between webOS, Windows and Chrome OS, depending on its manufacturer.
  • The manufacturer of the iPad is Apple while there are numerous tablet manufacturers such as Samsung, Lenovo, HP, Microsoft and many other companies of Asian origin.
  • The dimensions, colors, weight as well as the manufacturing materials of the iPad and tablets are variable according to the manufacturing companies.

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