Difference Between Innate and Born

Its difference is that it is used since nato means (birth) and innate means (born in) or (born for).

Nato comes from Latin but they do not share the same origin. Born comes from the Latin natus which corresponds to (born) instead innate comes from the verb innasci which refers to someone (born in).

Born refers to positions or titles of honor granted for merit or the natural or birth predisposition to do a certain thing. The word is used, for example, in the following contexts:

  • Born boss.
  • Born leader.
  • Natural talent.
  • Born conversationalist.
  • Unborn child or unborn baby, among others.

Innate is used to indicate that a person was born with a certain attitude or quality. Different examples of the use of the word innate are the following:

  • Innate talent.
  • innate gift.
  • Innate fear of heights.
  • innate potential.
  • Inborn errors of the organism, among others.

It is considered born and innate as synonyms despite being used in different contexts. One way to tell them apart is:

  • Use nato to define hierarchies or birth as a phenomenon
  • Use innate for acquired skills and characteristics.

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