Difference between the Inductive and Deductive Method

Deductive and inductive methods are two methods of reasoning. Also known as deductive and inductive reasoning , they are two of the most popular reasoning methods. The reasoning methods are all those options that exist and are presented in front of a problem that must be solved. Depending on the characteristics of the situation to be solved, the reasoning method will operate differently. The difference between the deductive and inductive method lies in the way in which the conclusions are reached.

Comparison chart

Deductive method
inductive method
Explanation It is a form of logical thinking. It is more common to use this type of reasoning on a daily basis. This goes from the general premises to the particular ones. Thus, gravity is known to exist and therefore things can be expected to fall. In the same way, this type of reasoning belongs to logical thinking. The inductive method is the one used in the scientific method. Then, through the inductive method, evidence is collected, analyzed and hypotheses and laws are created.
Direction From general to particular. From particular to general.
areas of use The deductive method is used in the application of laws and theories to particular and specific cases. As for this method, it is common for it to be used in areas such as research and science.

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