Difference between Identity and Personality

Identity and personality are two concepts that differ in many ways. Personality is the traits that are typical of a person and differentiate them from others. Identity is not a concept that can be measured, but it is a social construction and can be described according to the person, it is a concept that allows us to understand the psychological and social development of the human being.


Identity in the social sciences is a concept used to understand the psychological and social development of each human being. In some cases, a set of symbols, values, beliefs and customs of a culture is known as cultural identity. This implies sexuality, gender identity and subjective perception of each person in terms of feeling male or female. Identity is not defined by the characteristics that make it unique, but by a series of behaviors, abilities and beliefs that one has about oneself.

Identity shares its definition with the ability of each individual to recognize themselves based on their abilities, areas of opportunities and defects, beliefs, values ​​and everything that drives them and makes them who they are. It is not a concept that can be measured but that a person can describe according to the person himself.


Personality is a psychological construct that refers to a dynamic set of a person’s psychic characteristics. It is the internal organization that determines that individuals act differently in a given circumstance. It is the pattern of attitudes, feelings, thoughts and behavioral repertoire that characterizes a person.

Personality has a certain persistence and stability throughout life so that the manifestations of this pattern present, in various situations, a degree of predictability. This concept has received numerous definitions throughout history. Today it is synthesized as the set of characteristics or pattern of emotions, feelings and thoughts linked to behavior.

Differences between identity and personality

  • Identity is a concept related to the person, it cannot be measured and it is not evidenced by third parties but by the person himself.
  • Personality is the set of characteristics, pattern of emotions, feelings and thoughts linked to our behavior.

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