Difference between iCloud and Dropbox

Main difference

Today, many companies offer large capacity hard drives, flash drives, and pen drives. Suppose your hard drive, flash drive or USB stick got crashed or stolen and you have to face the loss of your important data, then what was the benefit of having these drives? Many cloud storage services understand this issue and are bundled with different online data storage and sharing options. Here we will discuss iCloud and Dropbox and you have to decide which service suits you best.

What is iCloud?

iCloud is a free online data backup service launched on October 12, 2011 by Apple Inc. The basic purpose of this service is to make it easy for users to store and share data online, in any form. Examples include music, documents, photos, games, notes, apps, movies, etc. You can write and edit your data with the help of iWriter. 5GB of free space is available to all users. And if your pocket allows you, the monthly payment package plan from 20GB to 1TB is also available. iCloud is available for Mac, Windows 7 and 8, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, iOS5 and above. 350 million users worldwide are using this service. You can create your family group of five members and you can share iBooks,

What is Dropbox?

Dropbox is also an online backup service, which was launched in September 2008 by Dropbox Inc. If you are using the Windows operating system, it will be available in the form of a folder and in the case of a mobile device in the form of an application. Its range of clients is very wide, including MS Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Symbian Mobiles. It is available in 16 languages. Over 300,000 apps are running on Dropbox Station. Initially, all users have 2 GB of free space, which is enough space for documents. If you have a lot of media data, the premium package and referral system are also available. If you can recruit your friend for this service, you will be offered up to 16 GB of free space. Currently, on the 14th,

Key differences

  1. iCloud offers 5GB of free space at first, which is two and a half times more than the 2GB space provided by Dropbox.
  2. The free space is only 5 GB in the case of iCloud. You have to pay for additional space. Whereas if you feel that 2GB of free Dropbox space is less than your requirement, you can earn up to 16GB of additional free space through their referral system.
  3. Dropbox compatible devices are more than iCloud. Dropbox is also available for Android, Blackberry and Symbian mobiles, which is not available for iCloud.
  4. The iCloud package plan is cheaper than Dropbox. The iCloud storage plan is 20GB for €0.99/month, 200GB for €3.99/month, 500GB for €9.99/month, and 1TB for €19.99/month. While Dropbox offers 100Gb for €9.99/month, 200GB for €19.99/month and 1TB or more for €15/month.
  5. In Dropbox, you can restore your previous deleted file within 30 days while iCloud has no such feature.

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