What is the difference between Ice Cream and Snow

Several regional variations of ice cream exist. In Mexico, for example, there is snow, sorbets, gelatto , raspados and others that are a little less popular. While they might appear to be the same product, they almost never are. Although they all have in common being cold desserts, there are important differences between all of them. Although they appear similar, for example, snow and ice cream, which could most easily be confused, are not the same.

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Ice cream
What is it? It is a frozen product. Its main ingredient is usually milk or some dairy derivative (cream, for example). There are also water-based ice creams, which do not contain milk in their composition. Ice creams can be produced by hand (manually and with fresh products) or industrially (they have extra flavourings, colorings and stabilizers). Ice cream is believed to have its origins in ancient Persia, although there is no irrefutable proof of this. What is certain is that the Persians, Macedonians, Romans, and the great Arab and Chinese courts consumed products similar to ice cream since 400 BC. However, it was the Italians who introduced ice cream to the European courts. The first ice cream parlor was Café Procope, in Paris. Louis XIV praised the ice creams of this establishment and encouraged the creation of more flavors. Little by little and eventually, the current ice cream was created. Snow, on the other hand, is similar to sherbet. It is an ice cream with fruit flavors whose base ingredient is usually fruit juice or the same fruits, fresh. 

Originally from Mexico, snow is considered a type of artisanal ice cream, since its production is precisely handmade, manual and traditional. Mexican ice creams do not have any synthetic additives, everything is made with fresh and natural products. It is said that the emperor Moctezuma had a special predilection for snow. At that time, the snow was brought from the Popocatépetl volcano by messengers who traveled the road from the volcano to Tenochtitlán by means of relays. Once he arrived, the snow was mixed with honey, fruits and colored flowers. This was considered a delicacy and very few people could consume it. Today there are cities where ice cream is recognized for its excellent flavors and variety, such as Tepoztlán in Morelos, Pátzcuaro in Michoacán or the state of Oaxaca.

Outside of Mexico in China they did something similar, mixing the snow from the high mountains with different ingredients.

Ingredients Among its main ingredients you can find: 

  • Milk, cream, milk formula
  • Sugar or other natural or synthetic sweeteners
  • Yolk
  • Natural or synthetic flavors
  • Nuts or dried fruit
  • Yogurt in some cases
On the other hand, the ice creams have among their main ingredients: 

  • Water
  • Juice or fresh fruit juice
  • Fruit purees or chopped fruit
  • Sugar, honey or dates to sweeten
  • Flowers, cookies, milk, chocolate, etc.
  • Salt and ice (for the solidifying process)
cost Ice cream is usually affordable. There is also gourmet ice cream, which can be more expensive, although it is not extremely expensive. On the other hand, the price of snow is usually rather low. This except when it comes to rare or exotic flavors, like pine nuts, for example.

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