Difference between Hotel and Restaurant

Main difference

The main difference between hotel and restaurant is that the hotel offers all the accommodations, while the restaurant offers food and drink. Sometimes you can also find a restaurant inside the hotel.

Hotel vs Restaurant

A hotel is a formation that provides accommodation in daily life in addition to providing catering services, while a restaurant is established only to provide catering and. A hotel is a place for the rooms and food needs of travelers and tourists, while a restaurant is simply a place to eat outside our home. A hotel is a large building that has many accommodation facilities and even floors with different characteristics, but in contrast, a restaurant is smaller and has no accommodation facilities. Luxury hotels offer facilities such as en-suite bathroom, room service, babysitting, swimming pool, etc. while luxury restaurants only offer all main meals like breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some hotels may provide meals as part of the room; however, restaurants do not have this facility.

Comparison chart

hotel Restaurant
A hotel is a place that offers all the comforts and accommodation facilities. The restaurant only offers food and drinks and is sometimes present inside the hotel.
basic purpose
Provide lodging and lodging facilities. Provide food and drinks.
It can vary in size, services and price. May vary based on preparation, style, serving methods, and price.
Present in a large area with large buildings. Smaller than a hotel and sometimes present inside the hotel.
Provide facilities such as swimming pool, nursery, bar, room service, en-suite bathrooms, restaurants, lounge, etc. Provide facilities such as parking, restrooms, children’s play area, lounge.
It ranges from basic to really expensive. It also ranges from basic to expensive food and drinks.
provide food
Also, provide a meal, and some hotels offer a meal as part of the room. It is usually served and eaten indoors, but some offer takeout or delivery services.
The hotel offers accommodation and dining services, as well as entertainment services. The restaurant only offers dining services.
It usually contains around 50-200 rooms, has stairs and elevators, and parking lots. Usually have one or two story interior complexes.

What is hotel?

A hotel is a place that provides basic accommodation and lodging facilities to travelers and tourists. It offers accommodation for a short period. Small hotels provide basic facilities like bed and clothes storage etc. Luxury hotels can provide luxury facilities like swimming pools, child care, room service, private bathroom, cafes, casinos, etc. and they also offer some entertainment services. The architecture of the hotels is unique. They usually have 50-200 rooms, in addition to several floors and facilities. The hotels have internal stairs, elevators and corridors that lead to the rooms. Also, some hotels adopt a specific style of design, architecture and interior design. The staff of the hotels have receptionist, hotel boys, cooks and administrative staff. Hotels are rated with stars from one star to seven stars based on the facilities and services they provide. Hotels vary in size, facilities and prices.


  • Luxury luxury hotels are those that provide luxury facilities, full-service restaurants on site, full-service accommodations, and a high level of personalized and professional service. The classification of this type of hotels is at least four or five diamonds or stars.
  • Full-service hotels are those with full-size luxury facilities, full lodging services, and amenities.
  • Boutique hotels have 10 to 100 rooms and are small hotels.
  • Motels are relatively small roadside hotels primarily for motorists. Its rooms are arranged in low blocks with parking directly outside.

What is Restaurant?

A restaurant is a place that offers food and drink and serves customers. The food is usually present and consumed inside the restaurant, but today some restaurants also offer takeout or delivery services. Restaurants vary greatly in size and services. Restaurants range from cheap fast food outlets to expensive luxury establishments. Some luxury restaurants offer all the main meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner, and also some entertainment services, but most of them only serve one or two meals. The architecture of restaurants is quite different from that of hotels. They have only one or two story indoor complexes. They usually have an area where the kitchen, reception and staff are. While in the other zone, the largest is mostly filled with tables, chairs and lounges for guests. Restaurant staff are quite different because they only need the cook and the waiter type. One or two more may be needed for reception and maintenance. A restaurant can also be classified based on menu style, preparation methods, and prices.

Key differences

  1. The hotel is located with lodging and lodging facilities with a dining room, while the restaurants only have food and drinks and do not have lodging.
  2. The basic purpose of the hotel is to facilitate accommodation and dining with some additional facilities as well, but on the other hand, the basic purpose of a restaurant is to facilitate dining and fast food.
  3. The hotels have large buildings with several floors. In contrast, the restaurants have only one or two-story indoor complexes and are sometimes present inside the hotel.
  4. Hotels also provide a meal, on the other hand, the food is usually served and eaten inside the restaurant, some also provide takeout or delivery services.
  5. Hotels range from basic to really expensive, just like restaurants also range from basic to expensive.
  6. Hotels are the main source of accommodation and lodging for travelers and tourists; On the other hand, restaurants are well known for the good quality food they serve.

Final Thought

The above discussion concludes that hotels provide all accommodation amenities and facilities with dining while restaurant only provides food and drink. Sometimes you can also find a restaurant inside the hotel.

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