Differences between Hosting and Server

Currently, many people may be wondering what the difference is between hosting and server as technological concepts. Generally, there is confusion in the use given to these two concepts, therefore, we consider it of great importance to dispel possible doubts regarding the definition of both terms.

Frequently, when a person is going to create or develop a web page, they can use both the hosting and the server and may have doubts about which of these services to hire. This is because both services offer benefits, advantages and disadvantages in terms of their use and application. That is why this article seeks to clearly and simply define both concepts and then list the conceptual differences that exist between each of them.

📌Definition of Hosting

We can understand as hosting or hosting address, the site where all the files that are part of a web page are stored. In the hosting, all the information of said web page will be saved and updated regularly.

In other words, hosting refers to a system that helps us store images, videos, emails or any content of our web domain, domain being understood as the right to use a certain name on the Internet. This translates into a reserved space within a server to host a certain web page.

📌Server Definition

It is correct to say that servers are an important part of the structure of the internet, without them it would not be possible to know the internet as we know it today. The servers represent a -space-, in which data is stored and can be transmitted through the internet. Likewise, the server is the equipment that offers resources for sending, receiving and transmitting data through the internet as necessary.

Within the contracting of services we can find the contracting of -dedicated- servers, this means that a user or company has the power to rent a server where the entire resources of the physical machine would be fully available for use. Evidently, this brings with it a higher cost, since the entire machine would be dedicated to the contracting user, although it all depends on the user’s needs.

The servers are generally located in a data processing center or calculation center, these are facilities that are equipped to provide server rental services.

Now, as has already been shown, these terms are closely related but do not refer to the same thing. Therefore, in the following table, some of the differences between hosting and server are summarized:

📌Differences Hosting and Server

hosting Server
Hosting is a reserved space within a server. The server is the machine where space reservations are made.
The user can only manage his reserved space within the server. The machine can be fully managed by the user who -rents- the server.
It is a service that generally requires quite cheap payments. It is a much more expensive service because the complete machine is rented.
It is mostly aimed at more common web pages. It is frequently targeted at web applications that consume the most machine resources.

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