Difference between Horror and Thriller

Main difference

The main difference between horror and thriller is that horror is the theme of the film that consists of many actions of violence while thriller is the theme of the film that consists of many more thoughtful and psychological explanations in the film.

horror vs suspense

The word horror means to frighten the audience, while the word thriller means to thrill and delight the audience. Terror is also defined as the theme of the film that simplifies the multiple actions of danger and violence; on the other hand, thriller is defined as the theme of the film which mainly means the many thoughtful and psychological explanations in the film.

The cover of the horror movie promo consists of a very dark red background which signifies violence and also shows that there is some danger in the movie, while the cover of the thriller movie promo consists of a very deep black background and dark which means that the undefinable scenes are still present in the film. Horror movies give the audience bad nightmares, while a thriller doesn’t give bad nightmares. The horror movie is more fictional on the other hand; a suspense movie is more realistic.

Horror provides some emotions to the audience like dread, fear, disgust, and dread, etc. while thriller provides some emotions to the audience like anticipation, anxiety, suspense, and excitement, etc. Terror is the fictions that provide an atmosphere. horror and creepier on the other hand, and the thriller is the realism that provides an atmosphere of excitement and excitement.

Horror movie has bad effect on human health including mental disturbance, while thriller movie has pleasant effect on human health and does not disturb people’s mind.

Comparison chart

Horror Suspense novel
Horror is the theme of the film, which consists of many acts of violence. The thriller is the theme of the film, which consists of many more thoughtful and psychological explanations in the film.
To fear and terrify the public To thrill and delight the audience
promo cover
Red background Black background
Danger and violence in a movie Indefinable scenes in a movie
Demons, monsters, demons, vampires, etc. Bad men, women and criminals
Horror and more disturbing excitement and enthusiasm
Not much real or fictional Very realistic
paranormal elements
more mysterious less mysterious
Feelings and emotions
Terrors, fear and dread Excitement, excitement and surprise
health effects
alters people’s health It has pleasant effects on the human mind and soul.

What is terror?

The term horror means to fear and frighten the audience. Horror is the melody of the film which mainly consists of a lot of psychological actions, danger and violence. The promotional cover of a horror movie consists of a very deep and dark black background. This background usually refers to horror and terrorism, and means that the film still has some psychological actions.

The horror film usually refers to fiction and unrealism. Adversaries and opponents in horror movies are evils, demons and ogres etc. The atmosphere that the horror movie creates is full of fear and anxiety. It also gives the audience bad nightmares. Horror movies are full of mysteries.

The feelings and emotions caused by horror movies are dread, fear, and dread. Horror movies usually never have a good, happy ending. Horror movies often have a mysterious and distributive plot. It has more supernatural and paranormal powers than a thriller. We use the term horror with scary ideas and ghost stuff.

Not only are horror movies scary, but their background music also makes the audience feel fear, anxiety, and nervousness. In horror movies, everything happens unexpectedly. These types of movies can scare the audience and viewers. All the scenes are sudden changes. There is also a main physical difference in the promotional cover of horror movies.

Sometimes people got scared and freaked out after watching this kind of ghostly movie and can’t do anything by themselves and even can’t sleep well at night and it affects their health. It’s a huge drawback for a horror movie. Some people are very good-natured and can’t come to these things and get sick after watching horror movies. The example of horror movies is Nightmare on Elm Streets, The Thing, The Shining, etc.

What is a thriller?

The term thriller means to surprise and delight viewers and audiences. The thriller is the melody of a movie that consists of many indefinable meanings and happy endings. The promotional cover for a thriller has mostly consisted of a very dark black background. This background is helpful in the meaning of suspense that the film still has. Thriller movies are real and based on reality. The adversaries and opponents are men, women, evildoers, criminals, etc. The atmosphere that a suspense movie creates is full of suspense. The emotions and feelings brought about by thriller movies are excitement, excitement and suspense.

Suspense movies always have a good, justifiable and happy ending. It has less paranormal and supernatural powers than horror movies. The background music of suspenseful movies is sweet and full of suspense. This music makes the audience more nervous and excited about the rest of the story of a movie.

In the thriller, everything happens smoothly. It can delight and thrill viewers and audiences. In these kinds of movies, everything that goes wrong can be detected by a person’s actions and senses, such as touching, smelling, and hearing. In suspense movies, there are no ghosts or scary things. Thriller is the complete opposite of horror movies.

Some people are very addicted to thriller movies and they went to the cinema with their families to enjoy the love events that happen in the movie. Thriller movies are very enigmatic and people remain confused and confused throughout movie night. Some enjoy those scenes.

The interval of the thriller is really funny. It mainly represents that the main part of the story remains. The example of a thriller movie is Sixth senses, Sixth Senses, Silver Streak, Black Swan, Sinister, etc.

Key differences

  1. Horror means to frighten, while thriller means to delight.
  2. The horror is always unreal and fictional, while the thriller is sometimes real and sometimes fictional.
  3. Horror movies are very scary and full of ghosts; on the other hand, thriller movies are full of suspense and emotion.
  4. The opponents of horror movies are evils, demons, monsters, and zombies on the other hand, the opponents of thriller movies are bad men, bad women, and criminals.
  5. Horror movies elicit emotions and feelings like suspense, anxiety, and fear while suspense movies elicit emotions and feelings like excitement, nervousness, and surprise.
  6. The horror movie has a negative effect on the human mind; on the other hand, the thriller has a pleasant effect on the human mind.

Final Though

The above discussion concludes that both horror and thriller are the themes of movies. Horror refers to the sudden and unexpected scenes in movies, while thriller refers to everything that happens in sequence according to the background music.

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