Difference between Honor and Honour

Honor and honor are two terms that are often used as synonyms, but they present a very small difference. Honor is carrying out virtuous actions for society or for a group, while honor is a personal concept, it is living according to your values.


Honor is a concept with different meanings. It can be subjective, that is, what we feel as our own honor or its social concept, is an important element in social relations. Honor implies personal acceptance and the construction before society of a moral quality related to virtue, duty, merit and heroism. This concept transcends the family sphere, offspring and sexual behavior.

Honor is reflected in opinion, glory and fame. It can be seen reflected in public recognition ceremonies where material rewards or dignities are produced. It played an important role during the history of Western civilization, with Greek and Roman concepts becoming codified during feudalism.

The honor was evolving reaching romantic extremes. Today there is the right to honor, associated with one’s own image and the right to privacy and dignity. Honor can be established by an Honor Code, a set of regulations that apply to a community and whose violation leads to consequences or explosion.


It is related to the respect and good opinion that people have of the morality and dignity of a person. It is what makes a person feel exalted and proud, it refers to their concept of honor and virtue.

Differences between honor and honor

  • Honor is what can dignify your position in society when you perform an action not only for yourself but for society.
  • Honor is what dignifies you on a personal level and fills you with pride.
  • Honor is defined to the individual.
  • Honor is defined towards society.

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