Difference between Honesty and Sincerity

Both terms are widely used as synonyms, but they entail some basic differences in their origin. Honesty comes from the English term honesty and that has displaced the term honesty, which comes from the word honor. While sincerity is a term related to the honesty and simplicity of people, as well as their humility, it is about respect for the truth.


The term honesty comes from the Latin honestĭtas,-ātis which means honesty. It is defined as a virtue that consists of telling the truth, being fair, upright, decent and reasonable. From a philosophical point of view, it is a human quality that consists of acting in a manner consistent with our values. It defines the quality with which people who show in their actions and in their thinking as fair, upright and upright are designated.

An honest person is characterized by acting according to the norms of the community in which he lives. Honesty is usually understood as respect for the truth, but today, honesty and trustworthiness, different terms, due to the influence of English, have united their concepts causing only the word honesty to be used.


Sincerity is a virtue or value that defines the personality of an individual. It is not limited to telling the truth, but also affects the way we act, express ourselves and how we manage our state of mind. This term is linked to truth and honesty.

A sincere person shows the world how it really is and will always tell the truth regardless of the facts or the people. A sincere person will be said to be trustworthy, since he follows a consistent attitude towards others, being a transparent person.

Differences between honesty and sincerity

  • Honesty comes from the term honesty and the English word honesty, which defines sincerity. An honest person acts according to justice and values, being sincere, fair and decent, respecting the regulations of a community.
  • Sincerity is always sticking to the truth, not only with facts but with oneself.

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