Difference between hip and waist

Main Difference

Both the waist and the hips are part of our physique. They are adjacent and connected to each other, but they are different, particularly in females. Hips are made up of fat and have muscle, but they are basically made up of bone. The important feature of our hips is the joint that joins the upper part of our legs with our pelvis. On the other hand, our waist does not have any defined bone. Relatively, it’s the part between the lowest part of our rib cage and the top of our pelvis, and it’s made up of muscle, fat, and other internal body parts. The hips have a particular purpose, to help leg activities such as running, squatting, walking, jogging. Our waist does not have any particular purpose,

Comparison chart

hips Waist
Location The joints of the upper legs while Lower part of the rib cage and is located between the hips and the ribs.
Training Formed by muscles and fats and its internal part is formed by bones. Made of fats, muscles, and its inner part is made up of internal organs of the body.
Use help on the move Help to stop
Advantage provide balance does not keep balance

definition of hips

The hip section is positioned laterally and anterior to the gluteal area which is the buttocks, below the iliac crest and extends over the surface of the greater trochanter of the femur, or commonly known as the “thigh bone”. In adults, three of the pelvic bones have attached to the hip bone or the socket that is part of the hip area. The hip joint is scientifically named as acetabulofemoral, which is the joint between the femur and the pelvic acetabulum and the main function is to maintain the load of the body in stable or moving conditions, such as standing, sitting, walking or to run. respectively. The hips are the most vital part for balance. Women tend to have wider hips than men based on their wider pelvises.

Waist definition

The waist is the area of ​​the stomach between the rib cage and the buttocks. People with slender figures, their waists are the thinnest part of the upper body. Waist denotes the straight line from where the waist is narrowest, or the general appearance of the waist. This is why the pupils are often confused to differentiate between the hips and the waist and to locate exactly where the waist begins and ends. A more puzzling feature is that the waist varies in different people. To trace the usual waistline, a person simply needs to stand up straight and then lean sideways, keeping the hips and legs straight. Where the upper body creases is the regular waist. Men tend to have larger waists than women.

Differences in a nutshell

  1. The hips are the joints at the top of the legs, while the waist is the lower part of the rib cage and sits between the hips and the ribs.
  2. The hips support the weight of the body in a static position or in movement, while the waist does not support any body balance.
  3. The hip bones help in body movement like walking, running or jumping while the waist is not responsible for such movements.
  4. Women’s hips are wider than men’s, while women have smaller waists than men.
  5. Men’s hips are smaller or the same size as their waists because they don’t have an excessive amount of fat, but women have wider hips or buttocks because they have extra fat layers.
  6. The hips are made up of muscle and fat and their inner part is made up of bones, while the waist is made up of fat, muscle and its inner part is made up of internal organs of the body.
  7. The hips have a particular and specific goal, while the waist, the waist has no particular goals or objectives.
  8. The hips are the widest part in the back of the body while; the waist is a narrow point between the ribs and the buttocks.
  9. The body cannot be balanced without the hips, while there is no such case for the waist, since the waist is not responsible for anything like maintaining body balance, etc.

Final Thoughts

There is a marked difference between the two body parts and anyone who has a general idea of ​​the human body will know what they mean. But if you need to have a clearer idea of ​​the specifications and what their function is, this article will help you achieve that task in an easy way.

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