Difference between Hinduism and Buddhism

Main difference

Hinduism and Buddhism are ancient religions that are followed and practiced by billions of people around the world. As both religions originated in the Indian subcontinent, they are often mixed. There are many similarities between the two religions, but they are different. The basic difference between Hinduism and Buddhism is that Hinduism focuses on Atman, which means soul or self, while Buddhism is based on finding peace of soul and rejecting the concept of self.

Comparison chart

Hinduism Buddhism
What is it? Hinduism is the way of life or religion that is practiced in India, Nepal and other parts of South Asia. It is said to be the way of eternal life. Buddhism is the religion derived from Hinduism that originated in the Indian subcontinent and is practiced in various Asian countries. Gautama Buddha founded it.
place of worship Temples (mandirs) Buddhist monasteries, shrines, temples, etc.
Birthplace indian subcontinent indian subcontinent
Practices Pooja, Yoga, Arti, Meditation, Yagna, Community worship, temple offerings, Bhajan, murti, etc. Following the eightfold path, meditation, right sight, right speech, right ambition, right concentration, right effort, etc.
founder of religion There is no particular founder, it is believed that many gods collectively founded Hinduism. Gautama Buddha, who was an ancient princess, and her real name was Siddhartha.
goal of religion The main goal is to break the cycle of rebirth and achieve Salvation so that the suffering can end by then. The main goal of Buddhism is to find peace of mind and do good deeds so that they can find a place in Nirvana (heaven).
To believe in God There are many gods and they all collectively control the universe. According to one sect, everyone is created from an Atman. Buddha rejected the idea of ​​the Supreme God, as he believes that there is a God who is self-aware by nature.
Life after death There is a constant cycle of rebirth and recreation until and unless the person finds enlightenment and is free from all sin. The main part of his belief. According to Buddhism, a person is born again and again until and unless he finds peace of mind and a place in Nirvana.
Marriage A man can marry only one woman in his life, although the kings and gods of the myths marry more than one. Marriage is not a religious obligation. Monks and nuns do not marry. Others can get married and receive advice on the right path to live happily and prosper.
followers Hindus Buddhists
philosophical goal The main philosophical goal of Hinduism is to break free from the cycle of rebirth and redemption, so that the person can be at peace and not be reborn into any animal as punishment for their sins. The main concern regarding the philosophical goal is mental suffering. How a person can avoid all mental suffering and can find peace in this life and in the life after death.
Population over a billion 600 to 700 million

What is Hinduism?

Hinduism is said to be one of the oldest religions in the world that was born before the origin of mankind. It is also one of the largest religions practiced worldwide with over a billion followers, and due to the increasing population, they are also increasing. Hinduism is also a way of life to say it as a religion. The scholars, priests and practitioners of these religions refer to it as the eternal way or the eternal law of life of nature. It is a mixture of subcontinental culture with its traditions and rituals. This religion has no real roots in history, no creditable founders in time, no prophets, etc. What gave rise to this religion was the Indian culture and the concept of Sanatana Dharma and Atman.. Atman is the soul or the concept of the self, according to Hinduism everything originates from atman, even the gods they worship develop from the combination of atman. According to its history and beliefs of the practitioners of this religion, it began to develop at the end of 500 BC. C. and flourished and became fully established in the Vedic Era which was from 1500 B.C. Hinduism is a mixture of various ideologies, mythologies and views. Myths mixed with culture over time strongly developed among the people of the Indian subcontinent resulting in Hinduism. It originated in the Indian subcontinent. It is now practiced in India, Nepal and other parts of the South Asian continent. Reports on the latest survey indicate that Hinduism is the third largest religion in the world with over a billion people, which is 15% of the total world population. Famous religious practices of Hinduism include Pooja, Yoga, Meditation, Tapasya, Arti, Yoga, Jaimini etc. Yoga based exercises are popular with people all over the world.

What is Buddhism?

Buddhism is a religion that was developed and proposed by Gautama Buddha. Gautama Buddha was a Hindu prince who lived in India. His birth name was Siddhartha. Buddha left his luxurious life and left his home to find peace of mind and soul. He was so obsessed with the suffering of the people. Buddha walks through the country and observes the people and their suffering. He then meditated and starved for years under a tree. According to the believers of Buddhism, Gautama Buddha found enlightenment and peace. He then he started a Sangha(teaching) and open several schools where he taught about enlightenment and the process of attaining Nirvana (Heaven). He introduced Eight Fold Path and explained the cycle of rebirth and the phenomenon of attaining peace. He died at the age of 80 in Kushinagar, India. The schools he developed continue to spread and teach his views and other Dharma beliefs led by the Buddha. Buddhism is now the fourth largest religion in the world with more than 500 million followers. It is widely practiced in China, Japan and India. Sri Lanka, Thailand, etc

Hinduism vs Buddhism

  • Hinduism is a religion practiced in India, Nepal, Bali and the Caribbean, Thailand, and other parts of South Asia.
  • Buddhism is a religion practiced in China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Myanmar, Bhutan, Russia, India, and other parts of Asia and the world.
  • Hinduism developed in 500 BC. C. in the Vedic era.
  • Buddhism is considered a branch of Hinduism created between 4 and 5 centuries ago.
  • Hinduism was not founded by anyone as it automatically inhabits the culture and stories of its gods.
  • Buddhism was founded by Gautama Buddha who was the former prince Siddhartha and lived in India.
  • Hinduism is the third largest religion in the world with over a billion followers.
  • Buddhism is the fourth largest religion in the world with more than 600 million followers.
  • The main focus of Buddhism is to find eternal peace and eliminate mental suffering.
  • The main focus of Hinduism is to break free from the cycle of rebirth and find a place in Suargh (Paradise).

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