Difference Between Herpes and Ingrown Hair

Main difference

The main difference between herpes and ingrown hair is that herpes does not have hair or dark shadow on the blister while ingrown hair does.

Comparison chart

Basis of Distinction Herpes ingrown hairs
Definition Group of viral diseases caused by herpes viruses that see the skin or the nervous system. A condition in which curls of hair grow to the sides of the skin.
Causes Herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) and herpes simplex virus 2 (HSV-2). It occurs due to inflammation of the skin and occurs when hair begins to grow from the skin.
Treatment An oral antiviral medication is a cure for genital herpes. Use moisturizer before shaving
dangerous level High relatively low
sexual intercourse should avoid Can have


Herpes is usually caused by herpes simplex type 1 or herpes simplex type 2 (HSV-1 and HSV-2) infections. These infections are usually spread from person to person through sex, oral sex, or different types of fluid transfer. When you have herpes, the infection can stay in your sensory system for quite some time without actually showing up. Because both HSV infections are fairly common, up to half of Americans are suspected of having herpes. While a significant number of these people may never experience physical side effects, other contaminated people may have immediate side effects. If you have herpes, you may be given oral antiviral treatment. By taking a daily dose of this solution, you can prevent the spread of herpes and decrease the duration of an episode. To prevent herpes, you must practice safe sex by using a condom or practice sexual restraint. In case you have herpes, make sure you tell your accomplice before having sex and play it safe to prevent it from spreading.

Ingrown hairs

Virtually everyone will get an ingrown hair sooner or later in life. It occurs when the skin is excited and a hair develops from the affected territory. Instead of breaking the surface, the hair stays under the skin and a red bump begins to form. These tend to heal decently quickly and are more common among people with wavy hair or African-Americans. An ingrown hair occurs after shaving also from time to time or too close to the skin. When you have an ingrown hair, you should use a lotion before shaving. You should also shave for hair development as this will prevent ingrown hairs from framing. In a perfect world

Key differences

  1. It takes some time to identify herpes because it starts to grow in phases and moreover it is completely different from ingrown hair which is also difficult to trace until the hair grows properly.
  2. Ingrown hair looks like scaly skin overlay while herpes sore is yellow and cloudy in color but looks much brighter than ingrown hair.
  3. The herpes lesion contains a central depression denoted as post, while this is missing in the ingrown hair.
  4. If we talk about treatment, then it is herpes that needs more care and treatment than ingrown hair. Herpes also lasts longer than ingrown hair.
  5. Usually a herpes lesion will come back every month or two as they occur in phases. However, in the case of an ingrown hair, the bump will go away permanently once it has permanently healed.
  6. Normally, herpes is smaller compared to ingrown hair.
  7. A herpes lesion has a dimple in the middle and an ingrown hair does not.
  8. An ingrown hair looks like a pimple and is often covered with dead skin compared to herpes.
  9. People with ingrown hair problems can have sex, but those with herpes problems should avoid contact if they have symptoms.
  10. Herpes patients are more than ingrown hair patients.

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