Difference Between Harvard and Oxford

Core difference

Both universities are in the top ten categories of best universities, but the main difference is that Harvard University is a private Ivy League university and Oxford University is a public university.

Harvard University

Harvard University is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States. It was recognized in the year 1636 by the league of Massachusetts. Harvard is the oldest institute of higher learning in the United States. Due to Harvard’s history, wealth, and influence, the University is considered one of the most prestigious universities in the world. It is the Private University of the Ivy League. The interesting thing is that the name of the University is assigned to the name of its founder John Harvard. Harvard University only admits 1650 students per year. Harvard University has a tremendous relationship around the world. Although due to private, the tuition fee is higher and not everyone can pay.

Oxford University

The University of Oxford is located in Oxford, England and is a public sector University. It is the second highest oldest university. The date of foundation is unknown. For the undergraduate program, the University of Oxford is highly preferable. The University is honored to house 100 libraries out of 40 such libraries comprising 11 million volumes on different subjects. Both universities are undoubtedly famous, so it is quite difficult to rank them. There is a small difference in tuition for Oxford compared to Harvard University which is relatively high. Many famous celebrities and millionaires completed their education at Oxford University.

Key differences
  1. Harvard University is the private Ivy League, while Oxford University belongs to the public sector.
  2. Harvard University is better for research and graduate programs, while Oxford University places more emphasis on the undergraduate program.
  3. Harvard University has the honor of having 80 libraries only, while Oxford University has the honor of having 100 libraries.
  4. Harvard University is better for those students who want to study liberal arts, while Oxford University is better for those students who have an interest in studying Economics.
  5. The state does not provide subsidies to Harvard University as it is private, while the state provides subsidies to Oxford University.

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