Difference between Gulf and Bay

Both define the land that internal or surrounds a part of the sea, but they have different characteristics. A gulf is a large expanse of sea enclosed by capes or points of land. A bay occurs when the sea enters the land in such a way that when the space with water is measured, it is wider than long.

These two terms are generated by erosion, the gulfs are said to be very large, but the Bay of Bengal (the largest in the world) is larger than the largest gulf in the world: Gulf of Mexico.


It is a body of water that is enclosed by land and has a narrow opening to the sea. They are generated by the movement of the earth’s crust or continental drift, the tectonic plates break and form a gulf.

A gulf can be divided into small geographical extensions with similar characteristics, generally depending on a larger gulf and known as golfetes, cove, cove, calera or roadstead.


It is a body of water that is partially enclosed by land and that is directly attached to a large body of water, be it sea, river, ocean, or lake. They are generated in many ways, some by the tectonic plate process, that is, by the movement of the continents or by the erosion of the coast due to water.

They are usually created when the oceans overflow the coast. Bays open to the oceans are marine habitats. Those that open into rivers and lakes usually house reptiles. You should not confuse a bay with a fjord, since the two have very different origins.



Difference between Gulf and Bay


differences Bay Gulf
Senses It is a large semicircular inlet of the sea on the coast. The sea is surrounded by land on three sides. 


It has a large body of water that has eroded the coast to the point that it becomes a narrow opening towards the sea. 


cleft It represents a wide cleft of the sea. 


The cleft is deep.
Enclosure It has a small size, although it is not the rule. 


It is large, but it can also be small. 


Training Continental drift or glacial erosion. Formed by continental drift.
Land They are not surrounded by much land. 


The land almost completely surrounds it.

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