Difference between Growth and Development

The terms development and growth are very similar. So much so that in some situations they could be confused and used interchangeably. There are several areas in which these two concepts are used closely. There are, for example, economic growth and development and human (or biological) growth and development.

Comparison chart

Definition When talking about growth, it is clear that we are talking about the increase of a value. It is about the (often times) imperceptible and gradual increase of something. On the other hand, the development of a constant and sustained evolution. In a certain way, development is perceived as slower, even more gradual than growth.
Implications Growth is perceived as a natural occurrence. It is not always positive, but in the same way it is not always negative. As for development, this is always positive or at least, it is always directed towards a specific goal.
biologically When talking about the growth of an organism, it is usually about the increase in size or size of the organism. In fact, growth is part of the development of all living beings (animals or plants). For example, doctors estimate that a healthy baby should grow at least 10 inches from the time of birth to 12 months. On the other hand, the development of an organism implies a progressive maturation of it. Within the development of a being, several factors, both external (such as physical growth) and internal, have a lot to do with it. Development is the sum of all these factors and is not as easy to determine or see with the naked eye as growth.

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