Difference between gossipy and curious

Many times human beings are attracted by the idea of ​​knowing things that they consider interesting for their lives. For this reason, they make every effort to find out all the details that concern the matter that interests them. On many occasions, people tend to transmit to others what they know about that matter.

In more colloquial language, there are curious and gossipy people who not only take care to know every detail concerning an issue, situation or person, but also communicate to others, trusted or not, what they know.

Certainly we all know curious and gossipy people, however, we rarely know how to tell them apart, so we often make the mistake of calling a curious gossip and vice versa. In this article we will point out the difference between gossip and curious, starting with the definition of both terms.


A gossip is a person who deals with seeking information about people, facts, events or various situations to tell them to other people. Several times the gossip knows the details of a matter casually, but on many occasions the gossip is in charge of looking for the information either by stealing it, asking questions, investigating or even listening to other people’s conversations.

In most cases, the gossip not only transmits the information but also distorts it by adding details that did not exist in order to generate interest in others for the event or for the gossip himself and in more radical cases, the gossip invents everything the event. In many cases, this leads to adverse situations for those involved.

For some people, gossiping is their way of life, since they turn this fact into a permanent habit, which for many other people can become very unpleasant.


A curious person is a person who shows superior interest in facts, situations, events or various topics in order to know in detail everything that concerns that matter of interest. A curious person generally seeks information on the subject of her interest, either by asking and inquiring or listening to all the details on said subject.

In most cases, being curious involves asking questions and asking for explanations about various facts and situations, which can become an annoyance for some people. The curious may even ask and ask for details about matters that are not of their real interest, but their need to know makes them try to obtain information on any matter.

For some experts, curiosity is an intrinsic quality of the human being that leads him to develop his intellect obtaining greater knowledge on topics of personal or general interest.

Once the definitions of the terms that concern us have been indicated, we present, in a summarized way, the differences between gossip and curious.

Gossip Curious
A gossiper seeks information, creates it and sometimes distorts it to transmit it to other people. A curious person seeks information for himself on topics of personal or general interest.
A gossiper maintains the habit of finding out details or making them up to bring to others. A curious person maintains the habit of learning to know details for himself.
The gossip who develops such a habit tends to be off-putting to many people. Curiosity is an implicit quality in every human being.
The gossip gets, in most cases, adverse consequences of their actions. The curious person obtains knowledge from the search for information.

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