Difference between Google Maps and Google Earth

Main difference

If you are planning to visit a new place and location and you have no idea of ​​the distance and location, you need not worry. Now, with the help of Google Maps and Google Earth, you can easily track location and measure distance.

What is Google Maps?

Google Maps is a map application that provides users with different maps in different styles. With the help of this tool, you can view the map and location of any street, road, building, country, city in the form of a satellite image. It is active since its release date, February 8, 2005. It will automatically calculate the distance of two locations in different ranges if you want to go by car, motorcycle, bicycle or on foot. Google regularly updates Google Maps and most of the data is only 3 years old. Google Maps is a very popular service on smartphones and as of August 2013, 54% of smartphone users use Google Maps.

What is Google Earth?

This is also a map application made available by Google since June 11, 2005. It was not officially developed by Google. In 2004, Google acquired this configuration from Keyhole Inc., a company financed by the CIA. At that time its name was EarthViewer 3D later changed to Google Earth. Whenever a user searches for a place, it automatically obtains images from the satellite and displays them in the system. Currently Windows 2000, XP, 7 and 8, Linux, Android, iOS, Symbian, Blackberry Storm are compatible with this application. The limited version is available at no cost and Google Earth Pro is available for €399/year. At that time, Google Earth is available in 45 international languages.

Key differences
  1. Google Maps gives you the option to find your location through the website. Although Google Earth is software, it needs to be installed on your computer to work.
  2. Google Earth offers a more complete search than Google Maps. It offers you the 3D view of your location in detail. You can rotate your location. While Google Maps offers a simple image view of your streets, buildings, and highways with less detail.
  3. The basic version of Google Earth and the full version of Google Maps are available for free. While Google Earth has released its advanced version of Google Earth Pro which costs €399/year.
  4. The zoom scale of Google Earth is larger than that of Google Maps.
  5. Google Earth gives you the real image with high quality, while Google Maps just draws a sketch of your result.
  6. Google Earth can be used like Google Maps. In the latest version, you can switch Google Earth to Google maps mode. Google Maps is a separate service that does not have additional features of Google Earth.
  7. If you want to explore Mars and the Moon, you can explore the surface of both planets with Google Earth, which is not offered by Google Maps.

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