Difference Between Goals and Objectives

Main difference

Terms like goals and objectives are often used interchangeably in daily life, without even knowing the difference in their attribute. The misconception about this interchangeable usage prevails as both terms are associated with one another. To achieve something, the student sets goals and objectives, so he is highly motivated and focused. While he is informally differentiating between the two terms, it will not be wrong to say that objectives are the different step that leads to goals. For example, you want to be a good hitter; being a good hitter is your goal and the steps or small contributions that add up to becoming a good hitter are the goals. To be a good hitter, you must first achieve the goals like footwork, temper, shot selection correct and much more.

Comparison chart

Goals goals
Definition Goals are the aspirational achievements you want to achieve in the future. Goals are the quick wins, whose accomplishments motivate you to keep striving to reach your goals.
Hour Long-term. Short term.
Nature Abstract Concrete

What are goals?

Goals are the lifetime goals that are widely used in different stages of business planning and also in daily life. Here we will explain the target term in a general way so that you can differentiate between the other similar looking words. Goals are the aspirational achievements you want to achieve in the future. These life goals are achieved by developing different strategies and setting goals. These are your final plans or the main goal, and to achieve it right there, you go through several achievements, which can be called goals, if they are set deliberately. Goals are more of a motivation than a plan or strategy. After setting the goal, the plan or strategy is always set to achieve the goal. Goals are always difficult to achieve and require a lot of work, concentration and that too with consistency. As success is not something that is obtained overnight, the goal is also something that is not obtained so easily; you have to work hard to achieve it. In other words, we can say that the goals are the laughs; and smiles are the goals. And to achieve the goals, it is necessary to achieve the objectives.

example goals

The owner of a company in a meeting announces the goal of being the largest company in the region by the year 2020. It should be noted that it is a long-term goal that would need several plans and achievements to achieve this goal. It is abstract in nature and is the ultimate purpose of the business.

What are the objectives?

Goals are the quick wins, whose accomplishments motivate you to keep striving to reach your goals. It will not be wrong to say that you cannot go towards the goal without meeting the objectives. As we know, goals are the ideas that one holds as long-term goals. Contrary to this, objectives are more plans that must be executed correctly to achieve your goals. Speaking informally, we can say that goals are the stepping stone to the ceiling. If someone who wants to achieve the goal does not set goals, then that person will not be able to achieve them. In other words, we can say that the objectives are the path to the goal. They also serve a motivational purpose, as these small achievements keep one engaged and motivated and moving in the right direction. to achieve the goal. Goals are something that lacks emotions and is more about technique and process to achieve goals. It should be noted that the goals are for a limited period and can be easily measured once achieved. In most cases, numerical or measurable achievement is involved in goals.

example of goals

If a company has the goal of being the largest company in the region, the achievements made by reaching there will be the goals. These achievements are quite concrete and less specific. They also don’t take a lot of time.

Goals vs. Objectives

  • The achievement of the goals requires more time compared to the objectives.
  • Several objectives are met while goals are achieved.
  • The goals are the idea or emotion that implies the achievement, which is going to be achieved in a long time, while the objective is the execution or a plan of the achievements to reach the goals.
  • Goals are abstract in nature and achievement is always in the specific direction or field. Contrary to this, the goals are concrete in nature and the achievement can be in the general direction.

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