Difference Between Gifted and Talented

Core difference

The main difference between gifted and talented is that the gifted have exceptional talent and natural ability while the talented have an ability and natural ability for something.

Gifted vs Talented

Gifted does not have a precise skill or talent, while Talented is a special term and a definite ability is mentioned. Gifted students have outstanding abilities, but talented students have brilliant abilities. Gifted students have services in dance, music, design, sports, writing, and the arts.

The gifted person can easily perceive abstract and multipart ideas; on the other hand, talented people cannot simply perceive complicated ideas. Gifted people have a large and complete memory, while talented people lack a large and complete memory.

Gifted people have a deep love of reading, but in talented people we find no such zeal. There is a progressive vocabulary and interactive skills in talented people, on the other hand, talented people do not have such characteristics.

In gifted people, we find interest in various parts, but talented people show their interest in specific areas. Gifted people want to ask lots of questions, while talented people are less interested.

Gifted people have a strong and ongoing desire in a specific field, which may not change over time, while talented people have varied desires, which may change over time.

Comparison chart

Gifted Talented
The gifted have the naturalistic characteristic of doing something. Talented people have naturalistic abilities in one area.
Adjective Adjective
natural Special
academic subject practical matter
What is gifted?

Gifted people are not offered to study, since they have this natural ability. They have the characteristics that may or may not be present in them. The characteristics of the gifted are naturalistic and cannot be created by themselves. Gifted people have a regular universal academic characteristic.

They have a great eagerness to seek and solve difficult tasks. They also perceive things quickly. Gifted people show a progressive and higher level of abilities. Gifted people may have an interest in math, science, history, and geography. They have unexpected abilities.

Gifted people may have a distinctive culture, unique social groups, different family incomes, or a disability from something. Gifted people can easily question other people through the best use of vocabulary. They also select their speaking style based on the person they are talking about.

They can also start writing and learning without having any guidance. We cannot easily satisfy and convince talented people with our simple answers. They prefer to sit among adults. They may also quickly become emotional when the situation is not in their favor.

Gifted students have challenging abilities and would like to remain secret. They can develop their skills by choosing the stage of their interest.


  • Effective cognitive skills
  • Very curious
  • great overview
  • retentive memory
  • Maximum speaking skills and good vocabulary.
  • problem solving skills


  • He has talented skills to run a good administration.
  • This God-gifted girl has a much smarter level than average people.
  • Wordsworth was a natural poet of great talent.
  • Imran Khan visited a school for gifted children.
What is Talented?

Talented people have the specific ability to be athletic, imaginative, or creative. They also have universal intellect or psychological control. Talented people do not have a specific and emotional focus. We can easily notify talented people for their quantitative and qualitative skills. Gifted students can also move around to show off their talent. Family, social influences, educational environment and other life opportunities play a vital role in this. For example, Aslam is a talented artist.


  • writers
  • self-management
  • networkers
  • critical thinkers
  • decision makers
  • Math
  • dancers
  • musicians
  • artists
  • designers

Key differences

  1. Gifted people have long been focused on their interests, while talented people lack that characteristic.
  2. The quality of the gifted cannot be developed by ourselves; on the other hand, talented ability can be easily created by ourselves.
  3. The gifted ability has no requirements for hard work; conversely, talented features required hard work.
  4. Gifted is a unique ability that is based on rare people; on the other hand, talent can be found mainly in people.
  5. Gifted people have effective characteristics in various academic subjects, but talented people have exceptional characteristics in various practical subjects.


Gifted and talented are two adjectives that come to indicate a person who has the highest natural characteristics. A talented person has great characteristics in a special field, but a talented person can show outstanding performance.

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