Difference Between German Mastiff and Great Dane

Different breeds of dogs have different names according to their origin. In this case, the German Mastiff comes from Germany by the Alans (tribe from Russia) with the greyhounds, this resulted in a large dog with a gentle and trustworthy character.

Below we present the various differences that exist between these two dogs, in order to publicize the details and characteristics that each of them possess.

german mastiff

It is a dog of German origin and the product of a cross between mastiffs and greyhounds in the 18th century. He is a giant breed, so he needs a large space to live and exercise. It is an animal of hunting ancestors, this dog evolved to be a guard dog with remarkable skills, capable of remaining calm in extreme situations.

The German Mastiff is an excellent guard and tracking dog, distinguished by its elegant and well-proportioned physique. Detailing its physical characteristics, we note that it has a rectangular head, medium-sized eyes, high ears, and a long and muscular neck, that is, it is a strong canine.


There are different colors of this breed such as brindle, fawn with black mask, blue (greyish), black or harlequin with diluted black spots. In the area of ​​his character, he shows kindness, tranquility and affection, that is, he has a balanced character to share with children.

It is a docile dog when it comes to learning new things and it is essential that it is socialized with other species so that it can have self-confidence and provide good behavior.

Due to its size, it is a breed that needs a large amount of food, that is, having it at home as a pet implies a significant economic cost. Their type of fur does not require special care, they live between 5 to 10 years, there are cases in which these dogs live up to 14 years.

great dane

It is an alternative name of the German Mastiff. Also, he is usually called Alano Alemán, he is descended from a mixture between German races by the Alanos. They are ancient tribes that came from present-day Russia.

It can be seen that there are no differences between the German Mastiff and the Great Dane. They are simply different ways of calling this breed, it is worth mentioning that it was originally raised as a hunting dog but today it is a good companion dog, noble and faithful.

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