Difference between gelato and ice cream

Main difference

As the summer season approaches, everyone likes to eat ice cream and ice cream. Everyone enjoys these two delicious and sweet dishes without age restriction and without neglect. There should be an ice cream or gelato, either flavored with chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, fruity, or roasted marshmallow. All we need is an ice cream cone or an ice cream cup.

What is Gelato?

Gelato is an Italian world that means solid ice cream. It contains fewer fatty ingredients like egg yolks than ice cream, almost 10 percent of the total ingredient. However, milk is used more than any other ingredient. The history of ice cream is as old as the ancient Egyptian civilization. At that time it was made of snow and was kept underground. It is more popular in Italy, especially artisan ice cream which has 55% of the market compared to factory or industrial ice cream. The main ingredients include milk, cream, sugar, flavoring ingredient like fruit or nut puree and is served when very cold.

What is ice cream?

Ice cream is a type of frozen sweet food made from dairy products such as milk and cream and contains other ingredients such as nuts and flavors. It is always in a soft and semi-sold form and requires very low temperatures for its conservation. The history of ice cream dates back to 200 BC. C., when the first Chinese made the frozen mixture of milk and rice. All the ingredients are first cooked in a custard and, once it cools, it is served at a less cold temperature.

Key differences

  1. Ice cream contains more fat compared to ice cream. In ice cream, fats are 10% of the total ingredients.
  2. Ice cream requires more milk compared to ice cream.
  3. Both are served at different temperatures. Ice cream is served at a very cold temperature, while ice cream requires a comparatively low temperature compared to ice cream.
  4. Ice cream is more solid than ice cream. It takes time to melt compared to ice cream.
  5. Ice cream contains more air than ice cream. A normal ice cream can be between 25 and 90% air. While ice cream can have between 25 and 30% air.
  6. Ice cream is widely used in Italy, while ice cream is a sweet food all over the world and is found in all countries.

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