Difference between fruit and vegetable

Main difference

Fruits are the mature ovary seed of a flowering plant that humans and other living organisms consume for food. Angiosperms or flowering plants possess seeds that ripen and turn into fruit after maturing. On the other hand, vegetables are the foods that are consumed from any part of the plant. Humans use it specifically as their meals and it is often cooked, fried, boiled, or baked before consumption. Vegetables are different from fruits and nuts, but include some grains and legumes.

Comparative chart

Fruit Vegetable
About The mature seed ovaries of flowering plants are considered fruits. Every type of edible part of the plant, except the ovary of the seed, is called a vegetable.
Seed presence Fruits always contain seeds, either inside or outside. The seeds are absent in all kinds of vegetables.
Cattle from Seeds of flowering plants, angiosperms. There are no flowering and flowering plants. Even from lower plants and fields.
Taste Most fruits have a sweet and delicious taste, while many are also bitter and sour. Vegetables are not sweet like fruits, but some are sweet, some are neutral without a specific flavor rating.
Nutrition Fruits are very rich in sugar and contain a variety of natural vitamins. They are rich in fiber and low in fat. Vegetables are enriched with fiber. Green vegetables have a large amount of iron. Some are high in sugar like potatoes, etc.
Accomplished Fruits are always consumed directly once they are completely crushed. They do not involve cooking or boiling. Vegetables are most often used for cooking, fried or boiled. Whereas the use of vegetables as salads does not involve cooking.
What is fruit?

The fruits are the mature ovary seeds of flowering plants or angiosperms. In other words, we can say that the fruits are edible, that they are obtained from the flower or from a flowering portion of the plant. Fruits have seeds inside. Some fruits like strawberries have their seed outside their body. Fruits are rich in sugar and fiber. Fruits contain a variety of helpful natural vitamins. Most types of fruits are sweet by nature, while several also have a sour and bitter taste. The fruits are consumed directly once they are cut. They are not cooked or boiled like vegetables.

What is vegetable?

Vegetables are also the edible parts of plants other than the seed ovaries of flowering plants. A vegetable can be obtained from a flowering plant, non-flowering plants, low plants, fields, etc. Vegetables come in various sizes and shapes. They are also rich in fiber and low in fat. Vegetables are considered an essential food as part of a perfect diet. Vegetables are consumed around the world as a permanent part of human food. Vegetables, unlike fruits, do not have a specific sweet or salty taste like fruits and cannot be classified in any flavor category. Vegetables are eaten directly only as salads. They are mostly used for cooking or boiling. Edible parts of plants, such as roots, the leaves and flower buds are usually different plants. Green vegetables like spinach, etc.

Fruit vs. Vegetable

  • The fruits are mature ovary seeds of a flowering plant.
  • Vegetables are the edible part of plants other than ovary seeds.
  • Fruits are consumed
  • Vegetables are most often consumed after cooking or boiling.
  • Fruits are sweet, sour and bitter in taste.
  • Vegetables cannot be classified by
  • Both fruits and vegetables are low in fat and calories and high in fiber.

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