Difference between fruit and seed

Main difference

The main difference between the fruit and the seed is that the fruit develops from the ovary after fertilization, while the seed develops from the ovule.

Fruit versus seed

After the fertilization process, the ovary turned into a fruit; on the other hand, the ovum became a Seed. The fruit is formed by angiosperms, while the seed is formed from angiosperms and gymnosperms. The fruit contains seeds, but the seeds do not contain fruit.

The fruit has the outer layer, which is called the exocarp, while the seed has the outer layer, which is called the testa. The structure of the fruit is different from the formation of the seed. The fruit is useful in seed dispersal, while the seed helps to reproduce angiosperms and gymnosperms.

The fruit is the end product of plant reproduction; on the other hand, the seed is the basic product necessary for the reproduction process. The fruits ripened when fully developed, but the seed did not ripen. The use of fruits is different from the use of seeds. Fruits are eaten fresh, and many tasty things are made from them while the seeds are used to make flour and oils.

Comparative chart

Fruit Seed
The fruits are formed by the ovary of the angiosperms and after the fertilization process. The seed was formed after fertilization of an ovum and can be formed from both angiosperms and gymnosperms.
Developed from ovary Developed from ovum
Seed dispersal Reproduction
Outer layer
Exocarp Head
Final product Basic product
Used when fresh It is used to make oils, flour
Ripening process
The fruits are ripe No ripening process
Attractive and sweet Little
According to structure, flavor and seeds. According to the morphology of the embryo
Important element
Seed Embryo
Mango, Berries, Nuts and Orange Legumes and nuts
What is fruit?

Fruits are widely used throughout the world. Fruits are sweet. There are several types of fruits. There are small fruits and some large ones. There are various colors of fruits. Different areas of the world produce different types of fruits. And each area is famous for the best fruit they produce. Fruits developed from the ovary of angiosperms.

The fruits produced after the fertilization process. Fruits play a very important role in seed dispersal because fruits have an attractive color that attracts insects to the plant and helps in seed dispersal. Seed dispersal is necessary to initiate plant reproduction.

The edible part of the fruit is called the pericarp and consists of three layers: exocarp, mesocarp, and endocarp. The exocarp is the outer layer, the mesocarp is the middle layer and the endocarp is the inner layer of the fruits. The fruits ripened when fully developed. And they are classified according to the structure, the taste and the amount of seeds they contain. Some fruits contain only one seed, like mango, and others contain many seeds, like watermelon. And some specially produced plants do not contain seeds at all.


  • True fruits: the ovary and ovules produce this.
  • False fruits: ovary and other parts of the flowers.
  • Simple fruits: single ovary.
  • Fruit added: many ovaries.
  • Multiple Fruits – Produces multiple flowers and their ovaries.
  • Fleshy Fruits: Juicy fruits .
  • Dried fruits: Dried grapes, dried dates and dried plums.

What is the seed?

A seed is developed by the ovule and the angiosperms and gymnosperms of the seed. The seed plays a very important role in the reproduction of the plant. The seed contains an embryo that later reproduces to form fruits. The seeds do not ripen. Seeds dispersed in different ways for the reproduction of plants.

The angiosperms of the seeds that are enclosed and that are produced in the fruits. And gymnosperms form the naked seeds and they don’t have a body that can enclose them. The seed contains a seed coat and the seed coat has two parts, the inner seed coat is tegmen and the outer seed coat is testa.

Seed germination helps the embryo develop. A seed is classified into different types according to the morphology of the embryo. The seeds are used to make oils, flour, and starch. The developed seeds are used in salads. There are two types of seeds. The first type is endospermic seeds and the second type is non-endospermic seeds.

Key differences

  1. The fruits are produced from the ovary, while the seeds are produced from ovules.
  2. Fruits are important for seed dispersal; on the other hand, the seeds are important for the reproduction of the plant.
  3. Fruits are classified according to their structure, flavor, and seeds. Rather, seeds are classified according to their embryo.
  4. The fruits are ripe; on the other hand, the seeds are not ripe.
  5. The outer layer of the fruit is the exocarp, while the outer layer of the seed is the testa.
  6. The fruits are attractive and sweet, while the seeds are small and not sweet.
  7. Fruits have an important element, which is a seed, but the seed has an important element known as an embryo.
  8. Apple, mango, orange, nuts are an example of fruits, while nuts and legumes are an example of seeds.
Final Thought

The fruit and the seeds are different things, the fruit needs seed for its reproduction and the seed has an embryo that became a fruit.

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