Difference between Frog and Toad

With the naked eye, anyone can see how different frogs and toads are. Indeed, these are two different types of amphibians that despite their differences are still physically similar. Although both belong to the same order, Anura , frogs are from the Ranidae family and toads are from the Bufonidae family . It is worth mentioning that not only the physical characteristics are enough to determine if one of these amphibians is a frog or a toad. There are frogs that look like toads and toads that behave like frogs. Their appearance is only the first of many aspects to take into account before classifying them.

Comparison chart

Introduction Frogs are amphibians that are naturally distributed throughout Europe, Asia and North America. These amphibians prefer moist habitats, so they will be found near bodies of water. On the other hand, toads are naturally distributed throughout the world except in Oceania and Antarctica. Toads prefer to hide in the ground and will not always be found in damp places.
Physical description Frogs range from green to brown in color. They may have yellowish to black spots on their backs, and their bellies are usually light in color. His skin is smooth and to the naked eye it is shiny and always seems moist. Their limbs are usually long and stylized. Between their fingers they have a membrane that allows them to swim easily. One of the characteristics that distinguishes toads from frogs is warts. Toads have rough, wrinkled skin covered with warts. The legs of toads are shorter than those of frogs. For this reason they are much less agile than these. In fact, toads prefer to walk than jump, unlike frogs.

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