Difference Between Forgiveness and Apology

Main difference

The main difference between Sorry and Apology is that Sorry is based on true human emotions, empathy, sympathy, pity, and a direct way of expressing regret, misfortune, sadness, or any fault, while an apology is a formal form of remorseful acknowledgment of a offense or failure.

sorry vs. excuse

Forgiveness is an adjective and is used more expressly to informally express human emotion, while the word apology is a noun and is used formally to express offense or misconduct, but is not necessarily based on emotion.

Sorry is also used to express sympathy and regret for someone else’s situation, but apology cannot be used indirectly; rather, it is more specific about a particular situation.

Sorry is expressed more in a personal context but less in a professional context; on the other hand, the apology is expressed more in a professional context. Forgiveness is based on pain without much responsibility and can probably be insincere; rather, the apology is based on an intellectual level where one person takes responsibility.

Comparison chart

Sorry Excuse
Sorry is used to describe human emotions based on pain, sorrow, regret, etc. Apology is a word used to describe regret for wrongdoing.
Adjective noun
Word sorry is an adjective. The word apology is a noun.
Informal way of expressing feelings based on sadness, grief, sympathy, grief, etc. A formal form that expresses failure, guilt, offense.
To imply
It does not imply that the speaker is taking responsibility for a fault. Implying that the speaker takes responsibility for the fault
expression of
Even the expression of someone else’s situation. A particular expression of certain situations.
More of
More than personal expression. More professional expression.

What is sorry?

Sorry is an English language word used to describe human emotions based on pain, grief, regret, failure, or guilt. Grammatically it is an adjective that also shows disappointments, bad news, loss in a polite way. The word forgiveness has different dimensions, since it is a personal way of expressing deep down broken feelings.

Saying you’re sorry means you’re telling someone you’re sorry for the hurt you caused, even if you didn’t do it on purpose. People who apologize can also say that they will try to do better. They may promise to fix or replace what was broken or take back something wrong they said. After regretting it, one might feel a little better (the other person probably will too). When you apologize in a loving way, you can feel good because you are trying to make things right again.

Examples of sorry

  • I was sorry to hear of your tragic loss.
  • Sorry if I bothered you.
  • I’m sorry I wasted your time.
  • He said he was sorry he cheated on me.
  • I am sorry to inform you that the flight has been delayed by 10 hours.
  • “I’m sorry for the bad thing I said to you.”
  • “I’m sorry I lost your book.”
  • “I was angry, but I shouldn’t have told you a name. Sorry.”
  • “I’m sorry I hurt your feelings.”
  • “I’m so sorry I hit you when I was angry. That was wrong. I will not do it anymore “.

What is an apology?

An apology is an English word used to describe the unfortunate formal admission of a violation. Grammatically, it is a noun used to express fault, failure, or offense with responsibility in a detailed account of the specific situation in a professional context with recognition of your role in the event that may not necessarily be in true emotions. Heartfelt, but probably sincere. Repentance says that in which forgiveness is asked, it will not happen again.

examples of apology

  • I apologize for the inconvenience we caused you.
  • My wife can’t come; she sends her apologies.
  • You owe me an apology.
  • The company issued an official apology to its customers.
  • He sent letters of apology to interested parties.
  • Please accept my sincerest apologies for the delay.

Key differences

  1. Sorry is an informal way of expressing a fault, while an apology is a formal way of expressing a fault.
  2. Forgiveness is based on true sincere human emotions, while apology is based more on wisdom with due responsibility that the same offense will not happen again.
  3. I’m sorry, it may be an insincere form of expression; Conversely, an apology is a sincere form of expression.
  4. Sorry is also used for someone else’s situation, but an apology is used only for certain specific situations.
  5. Sorry is primarily a personal expression, while an apology is a professional expression.

Final Thought

Sorry is an adjective that is commonly used to express personal feelings about loss, grief, pain, and empathy in different situations, and apology is a noun that is specifically used to express regret, guilt, and failure of a particular situation with a responsible accusation.

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