Difference Between Flora and Fauna

Each of them exist in almost the entire world and each set of plant and animal species have specific peculiarities according to the geographical and climatic conditions of the place where they grow. It is based on organisms that have advanced and adapted in a given region.

Both are essential to have a balance in nature, and in different cases symbiotic relationships are created between both groups and work on the survival and prolongation of the existence of the environment in which they live.


They are the plant species that are part of the biosphere of an exact region and progress openly in that place or because they have been cultivated by human action.

This term includes plants with or without flowers, seeds or fruits, aquatic plant species and all plants that help establish the vegetation of a geographical area.

Flora and vegetation are generally used as synonyms, in reality flora refers only to species and vegetation to the commercialization of these species in a fixed space.

types of flora

There are two major classifications of flora and they are as follows:

Autochthonous flora or native flora

They are the plant species that are suitable for a specific geographical region where they grow naturally.

agricultural flora

They are the plant genera that are introduced into a territory by the hand of the human being.


It is the group of animal species that inhabit a fixed geographical area in the same cycle.

The same thing happens with the flora, but in the fauna different types of annexes are created (symbiotic competition), which are essential to preserve the stability of the natural habitat.

 types of wildlife


It is called wild fauna and it consists of making known all the species of animals that are local to the region in which they are located.

domesticated fauna

They are species of animals entered by people in a geographical area from which they do not originate. In general, these actions are carried out with economic objectives in the agricultural and livestock sector where there are notorious consequences.

Flora and fauna

Flora Fauna
Definition They are all plant species that are part of an environment. They are the species of animals that are part of a habitat.
Types native flora. 

Agricultural flora.


domesticated wildlife.

examples Orchid (Orchidaceae). 

Pine (Pinus).

Carnivorous aquatic plant (Aldrovanda vesiculosa).

Foundry thistle (Cirsium arvense).

Dwarf shrew (Suncus etruscus).

California tiger salamander (Ambystoma californiense).

Flying lizard (Draco volans).

Common European hedgehog (Erinaceus europaeus)

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