Difference between Fidelity and Loyalty

Fidelity and loyalty are often confused with the same thing, although they are related, they do not represent the same thing. Today we are going to understand each concept, its similarities and its main differences .

What is fidelity?

Fidelity comes from the Latin ‘fidelitas’ which translated into Spanish means “to serve a God”. It is about the virtue of being able to fulfill what has been promised. Fidelity is based on believing that a certain act will be achieved even without knowing if the necessary conditions or resources will be available.

What is loyalty?

It is about a person’s commitment or devotion to a community, ruler , state, person, or to oneself. Some scholars believe that you can be loyal to ideas, while others say that you must be loyal to a person.

Associating both currents, it can be said that loyalty is a principle, it seeks to never turn its back on a cause or person. Therefore, loyalty complies with what is required by a law or rule of what we believe and follow.

Differences between fidelity and loyalty

  • Loyalty is strongly subject to what we believe, while fidelity is subject to feelings or love for a person or community.
  • Fidelity is strongly linked to feelings or heart. For its part, loyalty is related to the ideas and reasoning with which we feel identified.
  • A loyalty is directed to a person, but loyalty is directed to a cause or movement.
  • Fidelity is related to acceptance and submission. But loyalty is related to simple acceptance, even if we do not agree with ideas that are being exposed by that person to whom we are faithful.

Difference between fidelity and loyalty according to the Bible

Here are some examples of fidelity and loyalty in the Bible. These can apply to a partner or to work.

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