Difference between feet and legs

Depending on whether the subject of the sentence is a person or an animal or thing, one speaks of feet or legs. These two words are analogous terms, that is, they fulfill the same function, but in different situations in which one cannot be replaced with the other.

Comparison table

Definition It is the last part of the human lower extremities. It is worth mentioning that the feet do not cover the entire extremity (leg), only the final part, from the ankle to the fingers. 

The feet support the weight of the body and allow it to move.

Extremity in the body of an animal whose function is to allow the mobility of the animal while supporting its body. The term encompasses the entire limb, from the hip or shoulder to the fingers.
Who has them? Just the humans. In this case it does not include all bipedal beings. In fact, the limbs of bipedal animals are called legs. Example: Martin hurt his foot when he was playing soccer. Animals. More specifically the terrestrial vertebrate quadrupeds and the arthropods. Example: Cats’ front paws have 5 toes, while their back paws only have 4.
Stuff The footer of a page or document refers to the end of the document. As for things, furniture such as tables, beds, chairs, desks, etc. have legs.

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