Difference between fear and dread

All people at certain times experience different emotions that directly affect our mood. Joys, sadness, surprise, boredom, embarrassment, anger, fear and dread are just some of them.

In this article, we will present the definitions of fear and fear, which are emotions that are often confused. Therefore, in addition to defining them, the differences between them will be established, so that readers can know them in detail.


Fear is an emotion or feeling that is defined as the suspicion or apprehension that someone has that something negative or contrary to what is desired may happen to them. It is a momentary emotion that occurs along with the impossibility of carrying out an action, since, often due to fear, the person is inhibited from executing any planned action.

When fear is felt, the person feels the risk of a negative or unfavorable consequence happening to him. In addition, it is associated with insecurity about the consequences that may occur with the execution of a certain action. Similarly, fear brings as consequences, permanent feelings of insecurity, distrust, doubts and fear. Therefore, fear directly affects people’s lives, since they may feel unable to carry out certain actions due to the fear generated by the consequences they may bring.

Fear is identified by having an intense, usually unpleasant feeling, caused by the perception of danger, real or supposed, present or future. It is a primary emotion that derives from the natural aversion to risk or threat and is manifested in both animals and humans.


Fear is an artificial emotion that makes us avoid or flee from situations of imaginary danger. Many times you feel fear for completely harmless situations or animals. Therefore, it is important to be aware of fears and face them to prevent our emotional, mental and physical health from being affected.

Additionally, fear is a painful emotion, aroused by the proximity of danger, real or imagined, and accompanied by a keen desire to avoid it and escape from the threat. It is an instinct common to all people from which no one is completely free. Fear is then, an emotion of the spirit, which makes one flee or refuse what is considered risky or dangerous. This means that fear is what stops us from doing something that is wrong and could harm someone’s well-being.

As can be seen, both fear and dread are emotions that greatly affect people’s actions, limiting them due to the real or imagined possibility of an unfavorable event happening to them. In this sense, the differences between fear and fear are summarized in:

  • Fear stops and makes the person doubt an achievement that they could have while fear stops and makes the person think if what they are going to do is correct or not.
  • Fear is a momentary emotion while fear is permanent.
  • Fear is a sensation that is presented by a certain action while fear is a state of predisposition of the person.

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