Difference between fashion and trend

Many times we tend to use the terms fashion and trend to refer to the same thing, especially when it comes to clothing, however, these terms do not mean the same thing and they do not only apply to clothing. In this article we will mention the differences between these two terms.


We can refer to fashion as the massive use of an idea during a window of time that is usually short. Generally, it is common to find that fashion is associated with the use of anything, such as any type of product, a garment, a haircut, among many other things.

Fashion generally takes place within society in one region or country and can spread across the globe. Fashion can also be reflected in the way of acting and in the behavior of people.

We are used to fashion being imposed by famous people, a movie star or a famous soccer player can start using a tattoo, a watch or use a certain hair dye and this will make many people in the world begin to imitate their actions. wanting to sport the same watch or tattoo, etc. It is also normal that many advertising media also have great relevance when it comes to imposing a fashion.


We can say that with the word trend we are referring to an idea that becomes a preference with respect to certain purposes or things and that remains in a prolonged window of time. It is usual for the trend to follow a direction, it indicates a behavior and a way of doing or using things. It is used by a group of people within a society and can spread over time.

For example, the trend in the case of clothing for a long time has been the use of jeans and flannels for casual use or daily use, in the case of men. Likewise, the use of a suit for more formal occasions is the trend that has prevailed in men. In the case of women, the trend for formal occasions has been the use of full dresses. It can also be seen that lately the trend of people is to imitate celebrities in many aspects.

Difference between fashion and trend

fashion Trend
It is the massive use of an idea that predominates for a short period of time. It is an idea that – tends – to become common use and that predominates for a longer period of time.
Fashion is anything that has a place in an instant, it is what people crave to wear, have or do. The trend is the previous step to fashion, it is the idea itself and with it it is possible to create something revolutionary that no one has yet done or had.
Fashion is fashion when the use of the idea becomes widespread and begins to be used by almost the entire society. The trend starts in a small group of people in a society.
For example: Fashion will become fashion when, due to that famous woman who wore that dress, it begins to be worn en masse by women who want to wear dresses with the same patterns to imitate her. For example: A trend can start when a famous woman wears a revolutionary long dress that is studded with precious stones or has a beautiful print during a gala or formal event that is public.

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