Difference between Fashion and Trend

Many questions arise about whether we are looking for a fashionable garment or because everyone says that it is a trend. These questions arise mainly when it comes to dressing, it is clear that these terms are not only applied to clothing.

What is fashion?

It can be defined as the massive use of an idea in a short period of time. It is normally assumed that fashion is associated with the use of anything, such as a product, music, haircut, clothing, among others.

The influence of fashion usually takes place within the society of a region anywhere on the planet. It is also reflected in the behavior and way of acting of people.

how did fashion start?

The history of fashion reflects the chronological evolution of clothing. Clothing is a basic need for human beings, to protect themselves from the cold and inclement weather. During its evolution, the human being has been losing its hair, which it has had to supply with skins from other animals or, later, with wool or vegetable products such as linen and cotton.

Fashion is a very old thing. It begins with the appearance of Homo Sapiens. At this time their clothing consisted of skins from animals they hunted. In the Neolithic, the human being learned to weave and spin.

Regarding the first civilizations, in Egypt, more elaborate garments were already made and as the main material, linen was used; while in Mesopotamia, they used to wear long woolen shawls adorned with brightly colored stripes, folds and tufts of fabric. In Greece, linen, wool, cotton and silk were used. The oldest dress was the exomis.

It is common to see that fashion is imposed by a famous or influential person. It is enough for a movie star or a famous footballer to change his style or start using an accessory, and many people want to imitate his actions. Others that are highly relevant in imposing fashions are the media through their advertisements.

What is trend?

The trend is an idea that becomes a preference with respect to certain purposes and that its sale contemplates prolonged times. The trend follows a direction, it shows a way and behavior to use or do something. It is generally used by groups of people within a society and spreads over time.

An example of a trend regarding clothing is that men have long used jeans for daily use, and suits are used for more formal occasions. In the case of women, they tend to wear dresses for formal occasions. There is also a tendency for people to imitate celebrities in many ways.

Difference between fashion and trend

  • The fashion is the use of an idea in a massive way in a short period of time, the trend usually becomes common use during a longer period of time.
  • Fashion is anything that prevails for a moment and that you want to look forward to, in the trend you can create something different bad on fashion, creating things that nobody does or has.
  • Fashion is when an idea is used massively by almost an entire society, and the trend is used by a small number of people.

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