Difference between Family and Home

There is a notable difference between both terms, family is a group of people related by blood and deep emotional ties and home is the place where people live who have a special connection every day.


It is a group of people united fundamentally by a relationship of affiliation or partner. According to the Dictionary of the Spanish Language, the family is like a group of people related to each other who live together, implicitly carrying the concepts of kinship and coexistence.

According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, it is a natural, universal and essential element of society and it is their right to the protection of society and the State. The ties that bind a family are of two types, the ties of affinity for the establishment of a socially recognized union such as marriage and ties of consanguinity.

It is an anthropological concept less than clan, tribe and nation, it has a social and even economic meaning.

The nuclear family is based on the union of man and woman, it is the most extensive model, but the ways of living as a family are different and depend on social, economic, cultural and affective factors.


It is a concept that determines an individual or a group of people who live there and that creates a sense of security and calm. It is different from the physical dwelling or house due to the sensations it provokes.

The term comes from the place where the fire was lit, the same place where the family gathered to feed and warm up. It is valid in residential institutions that seek to establish a family environment.

Differences between family and home

  • Family is the group of people united by an affective or family bond.
  • Home is the place that an individual, group or family inhabits and forms a sense of security and calm.

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