Difference Between Fact and Opinion

Main difference

The main difference between Fact and Opinion is that the Fact is related to something true or real, which is confirmed by evidence, documentation, etc. and Opinion is what a person believes or thinks about something.

fact versus opinion

A fact is something that someone else can prove to be true. This truth can be proven by observation, experimentation, experience, or some other means. Opinions are statements that people make about their beliefs or judgments. They cannot test and verify as facts can. Facts can be verified or proven after standard allusions or scientific experiments, while opinions are the result of emotion or interpretation of facts, this can be supported by argument, which can form two opposing opinions from the same set of facts . The fact is objective and the subjective and personal opinion. The facts are serious and, therefore, they cannot change constantly, while the opinions can vary and not be written in stone; they can also change by conviction or circumstances. The facts are also general and do not change by region, cast, culture, religion, etc.

Scientific facts usually arise from scientific inferences, an educated thought or opinion, created by one person, while it is not a fact until proven on the other side. Opinions can also become fact when they are tested and believed to be nearly all facts were opinions before they were. tried. A fact is only the truth and the truth itself, while opinion is only a thought or speculation and can give rise to controversy. Facts are strong statements and opinions can be biased statements. Facts are always left behind in history. On the contrary, opinions are just points of view that may not go down in history.

Comparison chart

Done Opinion
Fact applies to something that can be verified or proven to be true. Opinion applies to a judgment or belief about something.
What is it?
objective reality subjective statement
It represents
Something happened a perception of something
based on
Observation or investigation. Assumption or personal vision.
Shown with unbiased words. Expressed with biased words.
Facts have the power to influence others. Opinion does not have the power to influence others.
Possible Impossible
Universal Differs from person to person
No Yes

What is a fact?

A fact defined as something known or proven to be true. Fact can also refer to information presented as having objective reality. The fact can always be verified with proof or evidence. Facts are always objective and neutral. They are exactly defined and can be measured. It is used in relation or connection with research and study. A fact can be an event or data, based on actual occurrences that can be proven by verification, i.e. supported by evidence, statistics, documentation, etc., therefore a fact is nothing more than a certain truth or reality which is agreed upon by consensus. from the people. for example, the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, and autumn comes after summer. You may notice that all these facts can be confirmed or proven by concrete facts. Some of them have been proven by scientific research, while the records and data can prove the general facts. It is also essential to keep in mind that facts can sometimes be affected by opinion and bias, even in some academic and research fields. Therefore, the facts influenced by opinions are not objective.

What is Opinion?

An opinion is a perspective or judgment about something, that is, what someone thinks about something. Opinions that are not necessarily based on facts or knowledge. Opinions are always subjective. Opinions often identified by the use of adjectives, superlatives, comparatives, and first-person points of view. for example, the speed limit should be reduced, or everyone respects the principle of our school. Opinion is extremely influenced by feelings, thoughts, perspectives, desires, attitudes, experiences, knowledge, beliefs, values, etc. of a person, which cannot be proven by solid evidence. Therefore, due to individual differences, each person’s opinion on a particular matter is also different.

key difference

  1. The fact explained as the statement that can be verified or proven to be true. Opinion is an expression of judgment or belief about something.
  2. Fact is a purposeful reality, while opinion is a subjective statement.
  3. The facts explain what happened. Different opinion that represents a perception about something.
  4. Facts shown in unbiased words. However, opinion expressed with biased words.
  5. Facts are information, so they can’t be questioned or debated, but speaking of opinions, they debated.
  6. Fact depends on observation or research, while opinion is based on assumptions.
  7. Facts can be verified with the help of evidence or statistics. On the contrary, opinion not supported by any evidence.
  8. An important aspect of the fact is that it is universal and does not vary from person to person. Compared to this, every human being has a diverse opinion on a particular topic, so it varies from person to person.
  9. Facts can alter anyone’s opinion, but vice versa is not possible.

Final Thought

Understanding facts and opinions is critical to analyzing the strength of an individual’s argument. Facts are always an advantage to opinions as facts can be proven to be correct or accurate, while opinion can also be correct but cannot be proven true.

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