Difference Fact and Geographical Phenomenon

A geographical fact is the one that occurs on the earth’s surface and is distinguished by its permanence, stability and because its development of formation was extensive. A geographic phenomenon are effective and observable changes that take place in an environment, are abrupt and generate a new environment.

geographical fact

They occur on the earth’s surface and are characterized by being permanent and stable. His training process was extensive, related to time. Geographic facts can have a physical, biological or human origin.

The facts are generated by nature, in the second the changes are produced by the presence of animals and living beings and in the third, the changes are caused by human work.

Geographic Phenomena

They are strong and observable changes in nature, they can be generated violently and have the capacity to transform the environment in such a way that, after they are produced, a new reality is born.

They are completed with the geographical facts, a geographical phenomenon alters the environment and this change is registered, it becomes known as a geographical fact, since it is firm and its variations will be seen in longer periods.

Difference between fact and geographical phenomenon

  • A geographical fact is an event that occurs on the earth’s surface and is permanently preserved. For example a volcano, mountains or lakes.
  • Geographical phenomena are those that produce alterations in the environment such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, among others.

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