Differences between Facebook and Twitter

Social networks are made up of communities of individuals connected through the internet network, who share common interests or activities such as friendship, kinship, work, tastes, beliefs or hobbies and that allow contact between them. In this way, they can communicate and exchange information.

In this order of ideas, Facebook and Twitter are two of the social networks with the greatest reach worldwide and are characterized by allowing the integration of millions of people around the world, without the need to know each other or share any activity or interest in common. . We must say that there are several differences between Facebook and Twitter, which we will see below based on their brief definitions.


Facebook is a social network created by Mark Zuckerberg, which was originally intended for the integration of Harvard University students. Its purpose was to create a space in which the students of said university could exchange fluid communication and share content easily through the Internet. However, it had such a successful start that it quickly spread to other people who gradually joined in to share with their “friends” (other interconnected network users with a specific profile) all kinds of information, not just of an academic nature. .

Currently, Facebook has more than 1.35 billion members worldwide and has translations into 70 languages. Thus, Facebook offers various services on its website, such as, for example, the wall (Wall) where the person places the information (comments, photographs or videos) that they wish to share with their friends. Also, there is the news section where the user can see the original posts of their contacts or the posts of other users shared by one of their contacts.

On the other hand, Facebook also allows the creation of groups or pages to delimit a certain number of contacts according to a specific interest or advertise brands or events and among other features we also have a chat that allows conversation with other users.


Twitter is a social network created by Jack Dorsey in March 2006, originally designed to fulfill the function of microblogging, that is, textual publications of limited characters, but which quickly became popular, reaching today more than 500 million users worldwide. world.

Thus, Twitter is a social network that allows you to make short publications that include text, photographs and videos where the contacts are called followers and who have the possibility of commenting, re-tweeting (reposting) or pointing out what they like with the “me” button. gusta” (like), an option that was recently incorporated into the social network.

In the same sense, Twitter is a social network widely used to advertise brands, to indicate data regarding a product or service, to express opinions on countless topics and to share specific topics through the tag tool (hashtag), where users even without being connected as followers can observe, comment and republish the publications of other users who have used a certain tag.

That said, there are several differences between Facebook and Twitter, among which we can mention the following:

  • On Facebook, the shared information is private, since it is addressed to friends (interconnected contacts) while on Twitter the shared information is public, since it can be republished or cited by followers and non-followers.
  • Facebook pays special emphasis to wall posts, where photos usually predominate, while Twitter is oriented to the publication of text messages, to which photos or videos can be added.
  • Facebook does not limit posts in terms of content while Twitter limits posts as it only supports 140 characters in each post.
  • Facebook is usually used as a more personal source of leisure and entertainment, while Twitter is more used as a communication tool, more professionally oriented.

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