Difference between Expression and Communication

There is a clear difference between expression and communication, although they are related concepts. Expression is using our body, voice or any other means to convey information or emotion, while communicating is getting the message across, people reacting and being understood.


It is called as expression to the manifestation of the desires, emotions and thoughts of a person. It refers to the manifestation or phenomenon caused by another. The notion of expressing something is linked to showing it as patent and evident to the rest of the people. It is a human need and is reflected in ancient cave paintings and sculptures.

Refinement brought expression to art, reflecting itself in sculpture, architecture, and literature. The most basic means used by humanity to express and communicate is verbal language.


It is the conscious activity of exchanging information between two or more participants in order to transmit or receive information through a shared system of signs and semantic norms. For communication, the intention to communicate, the composition and encoding of the message, the transition, reception and decoding of the message are needed.

It ends with the interpretation of the message by a receiver. It occurs in humans, living organisms, and communication-enabled devices. There are various forms of communication:

  • Non-verbal communication.
  • Verbal communication.
  • Written communication.

Differences between expression and communication

  • Expression is the manifestation of a person’s desires, ideas, emotions and thoughts. It usually occurs through art and is a human need.
  • Communication is transmitting a message in a code and channel known by two or more participants.
  • Communication can be verbal, non-verbal and written.
  • Expression can occur through sculpture, architecture, painting and literature.

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