Difference between Espresso and American Coffee

American coffee and espresso (or expresso) are two different types of coffee. Although at first glance they might seem similar, since both are dark brown, they are not. From the outset, it would be enough to see the cup in which it is served to know if a coffee is American or espresso.

Comparison table

What is it? It is a coffee made from very finely ground coffee beans. Espresso is prepared in a special coffee pot or espresso machine. It is important that it is prepared in a suitable device, since the espresso needs a certain pressure to be prepared. As for American coffee, this is nothing more than an espresso diluted in hot water. Many times, it is not even necessary to prepare the espresso, since they sell the ground coffee to be prepared in “conventional” coffee machines and make American coffee.
Do you have foam? Yes, although it is not milk. The foam, also called cream, is the product of CO 2 bubbles . This is gold in color. No.
ground coffee The coffee must be ground very finely to ensure the intensity of the flavor. On the contrary, the grind for American should not be so fine, it can be medium and even coarse.
Size of the cup in which it is served It is a very distinctive small cup of this type of coffee. It usually has a capacity of between 20 and 30 ml. American coffee, on the other hand, is served in standard-sized cups.
taste and smell Very intense. Not as intense as those of espresso.

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