Difference between Equality and Equity

Equality and equity are very close terms. So much so that they are often used interchangeably. However, this use is incorrect. Equality refers to equal treatment or conditions for all. Equality is about asking for or giving exactly the same thing to all people, whether or not they are equal. This often creates unfair situations for some of the parties involved. equity _, on the other hand, seeks that there is justice within equality, so to speak. For example, if equality is implemented among all the components of a society, we would be talking about an unfair society. This is because the different capacities of each of its members would not be taken into account. Equity, therefore, supposes an unequal treatment between unequals that guarantees fairer conditions for all.

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Definition Equity is distributing to each one what they need, no more, no less. It also involves equal treatment for all, taking into account their differences and respecting each of them. Principle or condition that recognizes an equality in terms of rights and obligations of all the parties that make up a whole. Non-proportional equivalence.
Etymology The term equity comes from the Latin “aequss” which means “equal”. It also has Greek roots: “͗επιεικεία” which means “justice in the right case”. Likewise, the word equality comes from the Latin:  “aequalĭtas”, which literally means balanced, relative.
examples Speaking of paying taxes, for example, in many countries it has been legislated that whoever has more, pays more. That is, the tax payment must be in accordance with the income of the person. In this way it is guaranteed that everyone pays, but according to their possibilities. On the other hand, some other (few) legislations continue to choose, as was done previously, to charge the same amount to everyone. This is obviously unfair, since both the richest man in the city and the poorest should pay the same.

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