Difference between Equality and Diversity

Equality and diversity are intimately linked concepts. At first glance, they seem to be opposite concepts, and in fact, in the first instance they are. However, both are linked beyond their opposition and are related in such a way that there are times when both are even mutually inclusive.

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Definition Correspondence and principle in which many proportional parts make up a whole. As for diversity, this is defined as variety, difference or dissimilarity.
In the socio-cultural aspect Equality is a principle that recognizes the homologation of each and every one of the citizens of a state in terms of their rights and obligations. This feature does not allow distinctions or discrimination based on age, sex, religion, etc. Social equality aims to achieve true social justice. Cultural diversity, on the other hand, is considered a heritage of humanity. This is as necessary for humans as biological diversity for other living beings. This is manifested through the different languages ​​that exist, religions, art, music, social structure, and in all the attributes of the human being.
Of genre This issue has become very important recently. Gender equality implies that the same conditions must exist for both men and women in various aspects of daily life. For example at work (payment of equal salaries for equal work), in opportunities and access to study, in access to justice in necessary cases, etc. It is important to mention that gender equality is ideally presented as a midpoint between machismo and feminism, it is not an absolute feminist position, as has been discussed lately. On the other hand, gender diversity is a relatively recent issue. Gender diversity refers inclusively to all existing variations of sexual orientations (heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, asexual), gender identities ( transgender or cisgender), and sex (male, female, intersex). The openness of people and society itself to accept something different from the established parameters has allowed this community (LGBT) to be known more and more.

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