Difference between Empire and Kingdom

Empire and kingdom are different governmental and geographical structures. An empire is a multi-religious, multi-cultural and multi-ethnic state that achieved its territories through conquest and continues to expand until it encounters some kind of pressure. A kingdom is a State governed by a monarchy, a type of government where the position is for life and hereditary.


It is a state made up of different ethnic groups, cultures and religions and that achieved its territory through annexation conquests and that maintains its expansion as long as there are no external or internal political, economic or military pressures.

An empire is also a state in front of which there is an emperor. It means that a nation can be considered an empire at the time that it develops an imperial policy or when it uses imperial power.


It is a territory in which people are subject to a king. It is a state governed by a monarchy, which means that the position of maximum power is unipersonal, hereditary and for life. In a kingdom the king’s power is total or may be limited by a constitution.

Currently, most of the kingdoms are governed by constitutional monarchies. The king in constitutional monarchies are figures of protocol and act as an arbiter against political parties.

Differences between empire and kingdom

  • A kingdom is a nation ruled by a monarchy. It is a state ruled and controlled by a king or queen. Any country ruled by monarchies is considered a kingdom. Currently monarchies can be constitutional, in these cases the king and queen are figures of protocol.An empire is a nation with imperialist policies or with a desire for conquest that has annexed new nations to its territory. Different ethnic groups, cultures and languages ​​coexist in an empire.

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