Difference between Email and Webmail

Main difference

Email and webmail are the services on the Internet that are used to send and receive emails. The confusing thing is that if the functions of both are the same, then why are there two different terms? The thing is that although both are associated with the task of email communication, however, the differences arise on how to perform their functions. Find the brief introduction to email and webmail before discussing the difference.

What is email?

Email is an electronic or digital message, in the form of text, documents, images, and files, that is communicated to other users over the Internet. The email service has been used since 1993 in different ways. In the past, both the sender and recipient needed to be online at the same time in order to send and receive email. The latest email system is completely different from the past. You can store and forward email at any time. The system that controls the email system is called the email server, which is assigned the task of storing, receiving, and forwarding messages. It is not necessary for both the sender and the recipient to be online at the same time. With the invention of the electronic mail system, the cost of transmitting important messages has been reduced. In fact, email is free of charge.

What is Webmail?

Webmail is an email application, server, or client used to transport email through a web server. Outlook, Gmail, and Yahoo are some common examples of webmail providers. The main advantage of webmail is that you can now send, receive, create folders, reply, forward, filter and store emails at any time from a web browser when you have an Internet connection. All you need is just a user account and password from any of the above prescribed webmail services. All records of your emails remain saved from any ISP that used the webmail account. The most advanced feature of webmail is that it saves all the records of your emails without allowing downloading. This enhances the ability to access your account anytime, anywhere. With the many advantages of webmail,

Key differences

  1. The first difference is in accessibility. Email programs offer the options to send and receive email without any web browser. While webmail always required a web browser to perform its functions.
  2. In the email program system, you can download the email log while there is no such function available in webmail.
  3. Webmail is a broader term than email because without having webmail or an email client program you cannot send and receive the message.
  4. Viruses can easily be inserted into an email, but today, with the latest functional webmail servers, it is difficult to carry such emails. Webmail scans the email while uploading it and reduces the chances of transmission of a corrupt email.

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